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A Review On: Sony XBA-40/N Gold | Quad Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones (Japanese Import)

Sony XBA-40/N Gold | Quad Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones (Japanese Import)

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Pros: Its great for bass-loving listeners. Fun sounding with great soundstage.

Cons: Recessed midrange. The highs don't sparkle enough.

I got the XBA-40 almost a year ago. So I've been listening to these for a while now and know well the limitations and string points of these headphones. With that said, this is my first review and not have had very much experience with headphones so far. My only other headphone that I've bought with audiophilia in mind was a pair of Sony's too. The XBA-1(exercise versions), which i had a very bad experience at first and then gradually started to like. I've lurked around headfi for awhile now, so i have a vocabulary of the terms and words used when referring to certain sound sigs, ill try and use them to the best of my ability to explain the sound of the XBA-40's to you guys.


Oh and by the way guys, there are top people in me. To elaborate, there is a "me" that loves a bassy sound sig and a strong low end that feels like it could blow clouds out of the sky. Another "me" is a person that favours a neutral(maybe even bright) sound sig with emphasis on the mid and high end of the spectrum. Treble that bites and cuts while having a sweet and lush midrange that accentuates the talents of musicians and vocalists(which i will present in this font, underlined and italisezed). I will try and provide feedback from both parts of me during the review. Btw, i listen to many music genres. i have no idea how that fact might help though.


I have no idea what else to add at this point...Well, lets jump into the review. 




The low end on this thing is really, really amazing. Deep, punchy and strong, it manages to pump volumes of air with vigor and determination. These can deliver a strong sub-bass that can be felt. Its incredible. The mid-bass is present but not so overwhelming that it eclipses the mid-range. But you will notice it. The bass is great for electronic music though.

With a strong low-end like this it does manage to make the mid-range sound recessed. So with that, comes an underwhelming experience when it comes to orchestral recordings and acoustics. Almost always, you hear the trombones, drums and other percussion instrument being very present. This puts the trumpets, violins, pianos and vocals(which are in an orchestra) a little in the background while adding a little colouration to them. The bass amounts might be considered as basshead quality but definitely bass-heavy. Nothing that can't be solved with a little equalization. 



It takes a step back because of the bass. There is some mid-bass bleed into the lower mid-range. It feels....laid back. If likened to a person, it would be the guy that is relaxed and sits back at the back of the bar with a girl in each arm. Just...chilling, fully competent and does its job as required. When listening to  solo guitar recordings or other stringed instruments(solo) the headphones reproduce it with detail and sweet twangy sounds. Pianos sound a little coloured though. Usually, the mid-range of the presentation is complemented by the low-end and the sparkle of the  high-end. Here though, it feels as it the mid-range and the high-end complement the low-end. It doesn't engage the listener enough when it comes to acoustic or orchestral recordings. Does well with country songs and electronic music though. With country songs it makes the vocals sound sweet, because when the low-end in a song isn't very present the midrange takes centre stage though with a little colouration. 



The high end has sparkle but it isnt bright enough to suit my tastes. I have to equalize so that the cymbals shine more. Boring high-end. Huge con for me. There's not enough detail in the high-end for me to enjoy, but somehow the high-end manages to provide a very wide soundstage and spacious feeling, i like this aspect of these headphones. This kind of sound is usually referred to as non-fatiguing. And yes, it doesn't fatigue your ears whatsoever. Its the kind of sound that lets you listen to headphones all day and when you take them off, it doesnt feel like a load has been lifted and your ears don't feel tired. It has a sparkle that is enough to let you know the cymbals are there. but other than that the high end isnt really impressive. If personified, I guess i would say the treble is like the man sitting near the life of the party with a beer in hand and slightly drunk. It does its job, but its not good and not bad either. 



The soundstage on these are the one thing i'm impressed with. It seems to stretch out to just a little more than shoulder . It sounds good in that respect. Other than that, these also do good with "Airy". The music surrounds you, it feels as it it hugs your head. the sound envelopes your head like a really fat (american) football with the sharp ends being the at the sides at your head(as wide as your shoulders) wrapping around your head at eye level up from the crown of your head until the base of your nose. Detail retrieval isn't something to shout about, it does better than average but I know there are other ones that can do better than these headphones at this price range in terms of detail. I always find find myself yearning for a better crunch with rock songs, more bite, sharper cuts and more treble in general since the bass has a strong presence. I just wanna say again that i really like the spacious and airy feel the XBA-40 can provide. The wide soundstage is great! instrument separation is average. You hear the instruments at definite points within and without your head but when the music gets busy, the detail drops some. 


Overall, I'd say these have a pretty laidback sound to them. A Low end that is loose with the sub-bass and lacking a bit of control. A midrange that complements the bass and sounds sleepy while managing to roll out good vocals and detail. Coupled with a treble that does its job well. Above average, but only just. I equalize these extensively to take the bass away in spades. 


Well, that's it. Its done. I'm not sure if i had contradicted myself at any point during the review. But if i do, point it out to me and i can correct it for the benefit of those doing their research for purchasing. 


Thanks, smily_headphones1.gif



I'd give the sound a 4/10 because of the overwhelming bass. I'd give the sound a 6/10 for the smooth laid back reproduction of my music while still retaining a fairly good amount of detail.


*two people in me* correction. 
thank you very much for this 2 person perspective.
i too feel that i have 2 personas for sizing up headphones.
and this was helpful