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Best bass headphone out there ....... But not just......

A Review On: Sony X Headphones MDR-X10

Sony X Headphones MDR-X10

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Pros: sound quality , sound stage, comfort , portability , stlye

Cons: finish scratches easily if beat around lol

 These are definatly my favorite cans . I bought them intending to amp them even though they have a low impedence they can take 3000mw . I have always been a bass head but i require clean bass but a lot of it!! Being in car audio for years ive always loved the sound stage u get from a dozen subs and a few thousand watts, but in headphones that sound pressure was un-ubtanable ..... until now these SONYS with some real power do the job nicely . I been running mine mainly on a fiio e12 with an lod to ipod on the go and at the house I use fiio's e9 or some times just the e12 I have other larger amps but these pair nicely. When you first get them they sound good so I didnt think I would have to really burn them in much. I was wrong after a couple hundred hours they sound better , much better. 


Comfort ;  They are deffinetly had to beat the memory foam doesnt get as warm as the xb 700 or the 5s . Sony did a good job on the balance as well, after a few min. you forget that you are wearing anything , just siting in the club with your eyes closed . 


Sound quality ; The frequency range is amazingly 6hz-22,000hz. The mids are actually not recessed , they stand strong with the highs without bieng too bright 


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