Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1 128GB MP3 Player Hi-Res Reviews


Sony NWZ-ZX1 Review: High Resolution Faffery


Pros: Beautifully built hardware, hardware music controls, generally good interface

Cons: Reflective LCD, relatively slow CPU, noticeable hiss with some equipment, does not meet 24/16 bit audio spec?

I will try to keep this short.   Firstly, to disclose: I purchased the NWZ-ZX1 with a 25% off discount coupon given to me by Sony Australia after attending a demonstration event for their high resolution audio products. I was invited to this event in my capacity as a Youtube reviewer.   The Sony NWZ-ZX1 is a beautifully built piece of hardware. Hardware music controls are wonderful. The interface is by and large easy to use.   The LCD is quite reflective and not particularly bright in direct sunlight. This seems to be because it appears Sony did not use a bonded glass display assembly like modern smartphones, which causes reflections due to the air gap between the LCD...
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Feature rich, easy to use, wonderful DAP that's just a little underpowered


Pros: Great UI, Easy to use, bug free, smooth, great sound, signal processing options

Cons: Pricey, not enough POWA

Methodology       As indicated in the subject like, this is going to be a review of the Sony NW-ZX1. I'll be conducting this review by A-Bing a series of songs, using a Sescom SES-IPOD-AB A/B switch. This allows me to plugin in two devices at once in to separate inputs, and a headphone in to the switches output, and immediately switch between devices. I will get the music matched as closely as possible timing-wise, then match volume by ear (no SPL meter).       I'll be comparing the Sony to several MP3 players, and will add a couple more devices, if people are interested, over time. Methodology will be quite simple, I'll start with the ZX1 and [other...
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Amazing sound, fantastic build quality.


Pros: Sound quality, sub bass, superb build quality.

Cons: Battery, Android 4.1

In all those years i have owned had lot of portable players(first one a walkman from the eighties) , most of them are from Sony, i came from a X1060 (before that A2000) but this thing is a big step up.   The sound is amazing.   Brutal playing electronic music with the Ultimate Ears TF 10.   If you can get this player for a nice price you are in the zone.   The ZX2 is double the money at the moment but to expensive for e little (battery) improvement in my opinion.   Regards.