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one of the most comfortable portable headphone out there, sound detail is good and stylish

A Review On: SONY Stereo headphones black MDR-1RMK2/B

SONY Stereo headphones black MDR-1RMK2/B

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Pros: Style, Comfort, Sound

Cons: I dont really find anything major, as for sound is really subjective and dependent on gear paired with these headphones.

I will try to keep it short... I guess...


Tracks I tested on these were 320 vbit mp3s and flac, random genres with some of my favorites in Electronic, Dance Pop, Rock, Alternative and Enka (yes I'm weird). Source units - Sony Xperia, Iphone 5S, Fiio E07k as amp and dac/amp.


Style and Comfort - It's a major win in this department no questions there. Looks good feels really good unlike those super clamps of death.


Build Quality - Although it looks fragile, the unit is acutally very sturdy/robbust. As for the pleather parts of the unit (headband and ear pads) its a given that these will naturally degrade from wear and tear over the years (there are some that worry so much about these which is not a big deal really), but you can order replacements from sony if its available or amazon if you are in the US. As for the jack rattle issue well it really isn't an issue and I mean it only rattles if you vibrate the cord manually not to say you may look like you have some kind of mastur.. fetish... in public... I even hop and dance around with these when no one is watching and it doesn't rattle. If its really an issue for you buy a superthin bolt washer ring and plug it along, problem permantly solved with a less than .005 cent ultrathin rubber? lol


Sound Quality - Ok the mk2's are a bit of an upgrade from the orginal 1r's in this department, I had the chance to test the units side by side on the Sony shop I bought this from.


      The bass on the mk2's are better compared to the original which was near dead weight as the mk2's have more punch and clearly more audible but it doesn't have the extention nor the super detail like some openback headphones do (note these are meant to be portable, if you buy this for house use then you bought the wrong pair and also these are not boomy headphones like the XB910).


      The mids are clean,clear and very detailed as this phone is more focused in this part and somewhat comparable to the original 1r's since I can't hear any major difference between the two.


      The High's are also more audible compared to the original 1r's which is a little bit recessed and detail is also clean and clear but again not comparable to open back headphones on the $1k range. But for a portable and given its price range, this is very good.


      Soundstage on this actually decent for a closed back portable and not that packed in like other closed type portables, the instruments have clear spacing between them and not sounding like a wierd disco jungle and the detail is also present unlike other portables where you can merely hear a slight sound of the instruments.


As for amps this is very subjective, so I suggest try it around with portable amps and pair it with what you like. There are good affordable amps out there and if you like to go hi-end its also there, so try around and hear which fits your wants.


If you are looking for portable with style, comfort and good quality sound then the mdr 1rmk2 wont fail you. (again the jack rattle issue isn't an issue, I dont even know how it became an issue to begin with? maybe the those sample that some reviewers were testing were to so worn out from wear and tear? the brandnew one I bough from Sony had no issues in regards to build quality) and if that really bothers you causes a wierd sensation of whatever fetish rattle of an issue for you then get a freakin washer and plug it in along the jack, no mods needed.


Thanks for the info and for sharing.

Which would you say has a more clear sound. This or your x1?

What other hp's would you compare them to in that dept that you have heard?
both have the same level of clarity but the X1 has better soundstage so in effect better instrumental layering, but note also that the X1 is big, has 50mm drivers, full open back and you would be nuts to call it a portable. lol
X1 bass really goes deeper in detail (soundeffects I heard in certain movies) but not boomy or overwhenlming while the 1rmk2's have punch and speed and good detail but can't go that deep probably due to driver limitations and closed back (I love rock personally so these are lovely for me lol).
The 1rmk2 excell in the mid and in occasion the highs sound really good (I'm not referring to highs like the sony 7506 where your ears will hurt after a while, I mean details when listening to soft rock or acoustics) the 1rmk2 just sound better on acoustic music. I did try the 1rmk2 on movies, its pretty good but it lacks the boom when watching those heavy action movies given the limitations of the 1mk2, but in every other aspect it wont fall behind the X1 (those big drivers and the fact that philips is really good on the bass department, even my shl3300 can go deep like the X1 but falls behind overall).
note: I only have the fiioe07k as dac/map, better dac/amps would probably make these sound a lot better and reproduce better detail, again it is subjective when it comes to amps so pick what you like. Also female vocals sound really good in the 1rmk2, better than the X1's actually since the 1rmk2 mids and bit smaller soundstage compared to the X1 is probably the factor.
I heard all the Sony XB series, they are all boomy but the xb910 has very good detail on mids and highs but still boombox and your eardrums will go numb after 30mins on any of those models. mdr m10 sounds meh.. its like a chopped downed version of the 1rs, not recommended.
Had the chance to try the AKG K550 from a friend(phased out model) now the K551 and I hate the bass, it goes really deep but the detail is weird and lacking for me (subjective, no offence to AGK or owners), mids and highs area really good though, very detailed and wont hurt your ears.
Also had the chance to test audiotechnica's m50x, ws55x, sj55, sj33 as advertised the bass is solid, but detail... what detail? the thing just wacks and done, theres your bass. =.=  again this is all just from personal experience and partly subjective, not meant to insult or degrade anyone or brands.
Bose all the latest noise cancelling ones (not familiar with models) sounded boomy for me, I dunno? even when I plugged them directly into an unamped phone its still boomy with the fiio then nevermind everthing else, the bass just muddled up everything in most units.
Senns (I dont see these here in my area T_T)
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