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A Review On: Sony PCM-D100 Portable High Resolution Audio Recorder

Sony PCM-D100 Portable High Resolution Audio Recorder

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Pros: Sound quality, Built quality, Battery life

Cons: May be bulky for some people

People might think using recorders as a DAP is non-sense, but the replay performance of D100 is truly amazing.


The playback portion of D100 has be optimized comparing to its predecessor D50. It can also playback flac and aac regardless of its inability to record in those format. It also feature multi language interface. build quality is outstanding, full metal construction. It also run on 4 AA batteries, and has good battery life


The price is good for price/performance ratio comparing to DAPs such as Astell Kern AK240 and Altmann Tera


I just received this product, will do an update later.


I also like using recorders for DAPs. My Tascam DR-07mkII is a great digital audio player. It is easy to transfer files via USB. It has a great D/A converter, rechargeable batteries last a long time; what's not to like.
What headphones/earphones are you using for your tests regarding sound quality? The D100 provides 50 mW of power at 16 Ω according to their specifications.