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A Review On: Sony  MZM200 Professional Portable Hi MD Recorder

Sony MZM200 Professional Portable Hi MD Recorder

Rated # 1 in Minidisc Players
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User Interface
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Price paid: $150.00
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Pros: Sound Q is top notch.

Cons: Limited storage. Buttons and display on small side.

Although Sony dropped the ball with an user unfriendly interface. However the sounds quality of the minidisc format was not bad to say the least. In matter of fact I believe that it is still on par with main of today's Ipods / mp3 players (or better).


My ipod touch is gathering dust ever since I re discovered the my minidisc player. Granted the interface and limited storage are a pain, but in the end I can stuff 10 albums on one Hi-MD disc. Which is enough for me.


SQ wise I would advise all head-fi's to give it a try. Well worth the $$$




Edit: 18/11/12


Jup, still going strong in 2012 and for size and quality I have difficulty replacing it.


The build quality and size are still second to none. Specially if you compare with Hi End DAP's like Colorfly C4 and Hifiman 6xx / 8xx.





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