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A Review On: Sony MH1C Black Livesound Hi-Fi Stereo In-Ear Headphones

Sony MH1C Black Livesound Hi-Fi Stereo In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Sound Quality, Price/Performance Ratio, Remote for Android

Cons: J-Cord, Not Compatible with Apple, Slight Veil

First of all, I would like to thank H20Fidelity for lending me his pair of MH-1Cs. 

Recently, there has been much hype about the Sonys and finally, I got an opportunity to listen to them. From what I've read, they just come with the IEMs and 1 pair of tips - nothing else. Personally, I don't mind, but I just wished that it had a case for me to put them in when I'm not using them because the cable flops around and does not stay in one spot. Build quality is decent and it doesn't feel flimsy. It may be worth noting that much of the body is made of metal. Now, let's move on to sound:


Sound Quality

First of all, I was really impressed by these budget IEMs and feel like they can compete with much more expensive IEMs. Sound will be broken into bass, midrange and treble. 


The bass is what struck out the most to me. It is certainly exaggerated, but not to the extent that it is a bit muddy like the Monster Turbines. The bass is fast, has good impact and does not bleed at all. The detail in the bass is also exceptional for the price. You can easily make out the details in each drum hit and each string plucked in a bass guitar. It performs exceptionally in pop songs and everything sounds very energetic. While the bass may not satisfy bassheads or people who like beats, it is certainly enough for me and I do feel like the bass is the best part of the MH-1C. 


The midrange is just a tad bit recessed, but it is still very enjoyable and I don't feel like the mids are distant by any means. Instruments sound very good, but sometimes, I just feel like there is a tiny bit of a veil and same goes for the vocals. However, on the bright side, the midrange detail is very good and separation is decent, but if you consider the price, it is actually very impressive. For example, on the track Some Nights, I can tell roughly where each singer is, but it isn't as clear as say a Brainwavz B2 for example, but that is understandable since the B2 is much more expensive. 


This is the part where I find that the Sony MH-1Cs are not as good as I would have liked them to be. The treble is a little rolled off for me. Sometimes, I find it a bit veiled and unnatural with instruments such as cymbals. On these, cymbals are hardly anything more than a click and you do not actually hear them vibrating as you would on something like the Brainwavz B2s. The quantity leans more towards the Monster Turbines and the good thing is that there is still good detail and sometimes there is some sparkle as well as it not being fatiguing. The treble I feel, stops the MH-1C becoming an IEM that can challenge $100+ IEMs. 


Soundstage was very impressive for such a budget IEM. It was around the size of the B2s and was quite deep. Very good indeed. 



The Sony MH-1Cs are perhaps the best IEM under $50, but there is starting to be more competition such as the Monoprices priced at $7, Vsnic VC02 which is more neutral and costs around the same. I would recommend it if you prefer a warm signature and have not that much to spend. 

Reduced to 4 star because the price has gone up and IMO the Hisound E212 is better. 


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