A Review On: Sony MH1C Black Livesound Hi-Fi Stereo In-Ear Headphones

Sony MH1C Black Livesound Hi-Fi Stereo In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: SoundQuality, Superb detail, Instrumental Separation, Above average Soundstage, Tight, hardhitting bass, Imaging.

Cons: JCord.

NOTE: I have not fully burn in my Sony MH1C however at first hearing, IT JUST BLEW ME AWAY which gave me the excitement to write in this review on the day i recieve the iem itself.


Just bought the GR06 few weeks back and planning to sell it away once i heard the Sony MH1C. It just sound inferior to the Sony. 


The provided eartips offered me great sealing. Some say the Sony MH1C feels heavy on the ear but i don't feel it that heavy at all, thus i did not use the shirt clip they provided. Jcord seems to be the only con here.  It feels like a nuisance to me.


Overall, the sound quality is just !@#$ING AWESOME. I SWEAR. It's almost on par with the GR07 which cost some much more. It is also closely sounding to the Sony XBA4.


just curious, have you actually heard the GR07 and the XBA4?
I am pretty sure if he made a statement like that, he must have heard them?
i'm going to say no they have not heard either. I sold my MH1's due to the fact that the hype wasn't warranted at all. They were extremely average at best, had very average detail retrieval, instrument separation, and the bass was way too deep to provide any so called balance. The flat j cord was an abomination of impracticality, and the fit was awkward. They weren't worth the $25.00 I paid for them, and the GR07s and XBA4s are both quite superior in all ways to these joke "FOTM" iems, and I didn't particularly like either and sold both as well. 4 1/2 stars for comfort? you can disregard this review based on that rating alone.
Just because your biased on the style of the chord and perhaps biased in what you look for in a sound signature since hey everyone's different is no reason to be hostile and bog down this review with negative vibrations

I for one find the j-cord to be comfortable, which is a personal preference. It should be stated as well that I use wasapi on Foobar2000 with electri-q poshfopit edition equalizer, and with the help of joebloggs was able to get WAY more out of these phones then listening to them with any of the preset configurations that came with the program. The bottom end is nice and heavy without compromise to the mids and highs of which sparkle and shine. Listening to Caspians record you are the conductor you are able to appreciate all the details they incorporate into their songs.