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Sony MH1C Black Livesound Hi-Fi Stereo In-Ear Headphones

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in In-Line Microphone


Pros: SoundQuality, Superb detail, Instrumental Separation, Above average Soundstage, Tight, hardhitting bass, Imaging.

Cons: JCord.

NOTE: I have not fully burn in my Sony MH1C however at first hearing, IT JUST BLEW ME AWAY which gave me the excitement to write in this review on the day i recieve the iem itself.


Just bought the GR06 few weeks back and planning to sell it away once i heard the Sony MH1C. It just sound inferior to the Sony. 


The provided eartips offered me great sealing. Some say the Sony MH1C feels heavy on the ear but i don't feel it that heavy at all, thus i did not use the shirt clip they provided. Jcord seems to be the only con here.  It feels like a nuisance to me.


Overall, the sound quality is just !@#$ING AWESOME. I SWEAR. It's almost on par with the GR07 which cost some much more. It is also closely sounding to the Sony XBA4.


Pros: Deep bass, good middle, balanced sound.

Cons: Middle can be a little better ...

Great sound for the money you pay. 

It the beginning i used them only on the desk and i hated that right cable is longer than left. But later i started wearing it out in the street, subway, etc. and i find this very useful. 


Pros: Decent sound stage, price

Cons: Cord, microphone placement

Note: These are impressions from out of the box.


I compared these to iems that I have been using this week (GR 06, GR 07 MKII, Etymotic HF5). I'll keep this very short. These are very decent iems. However, to me, they do not compare at all to the GR06 which is at a similar price point. I do not think they even come close to touching the sound stage of  the GR 06. They are to me, much brighter and have a much thinner, almost papery sound. They are shinny and clear in the treble, with decent mids and bass. In terms of the other iems I have listed they do sound pretty cheap and weak (but the price points don't compare). I was expecting a bit more after reading so reviews comparing them to much pricier sets. The microphonics are terrible. Just as an initial impression, at this price point there are probably better options. I will update with after more time using the headset.  



After a month:


After getting used to the iem I do still think they are very decent iems. After a few hours of listening they now sound much warmer with good bass response, mids and highs are decent. They are very, very warm and have a lot of color to them. They are definitely not neutral but create a pretty fun sound that is enjoyable to my ears. The bass tend to be overextended and muddy the sound a bit and occasionally they can also sound fairly closed in. In general though, they are pleasant, comfortable, and have a very decent/open sound stage. I still cannot say that these compare at all to the GR07s, but for less than $40, these are very fun to listen to and the warmness and color they produce does make a lot of music pretty engaging. I should note that I have not really used these outdoors because the level of microphonics on this iem is very high. I have also gotten used to the placement of the mic and controls but I definitely can see this being a problem for some. 


Pros: Value for money, Bass

Cons: Cable, Treble


Build quality is decent. But the J-cord flat cable is a nightmare. It's so bad that I would consider it as a deal-breaker. First of all, I have no problem with J-cords. But for a J-cord with stiff flat cable? It's possibly the worst combination ever. Not to mention that they've placed the remote just beneath the left earpiece. That means the remote will always stick out right beneath your left ear and produce a lot of cable noises. And it's such a hassle to use the remote because of the placement. I would much prefer if it was placed lower. And the cable splitter is a garbage. It was designed in a way that it the left cable won't stick out if you are NOT wearing the the left earphone. But once you wear the left earphone, the cable would just stick out right in front. I find all of these very annoying.



For my ears, the flimsy silicone eartips from Sony is very uncomfortable. That type of eartips would just suck my eardrums and me headache. So I've just changed the eartips. Plain simple. What I find very uncomfortable is the cable noise produced by the J-cord. The huge remote and the flat cable would always rub against my neck. I found an easy solution for the right cable by using the clip provided in the package. But the left cable that has the remote is the biggest issue here. And up to now, I found no solution to it.


Sound Quality:


-Bass: Very exciting. Mid and lower bass is amazing in this earphone. It has some kind of slam to it that makes it sound very rich and thick. However, the upper bass is pretty loose. It lacks tightness which results to a bit muddy sound.


-Midrange: Very smooth. Though it will tend to sound a bit hazy whenever the bass hits hard.


-Treble: As smooth as the mids. Though this time, it is very underwhelming for me to be honest. The treble in this earphone presents too less details. It makes songs sound very dry and lifeless. Kills all the excitement produced by the bass.


-Soundstage: Spacious. But because of the lack of treble, the bass is just everywhere which make it sound a bit unclean and plasticky.


Pros: Sound Quality, Price/Performance Ratio, Remote for Android

Cons: J-Cord, Not Compatible with Apple, Slight Veil

First of all, I would like to thank H20Fidelity for lending me his pair of MH-1Cs. 

Recently, there has been much hype about the Sonys and finally, I got an opportunity to listen to them. From what I've read, they just come with the IEMs and 1 pair of tips - nothing else. Personally, I don't mind, but I just wished that it had a case for me to put them in when I'm not using them because the cable flops around and does not stay in one spot. Build quality is decent and it doesn't feel flimsy. It may be worth noting that much of the body is made of metal. Now, let's move on to sound:


Sound Quality

First of all, I was really impressed by these budget IEMs and feel like they can compete with much more expensive IEMs. Sound will be broken into bass, midrange and treble. 


The bass is what struck out the most to me. It is certainly exaggerated, but not to the extent that it is a bit muddy like the Monster Turbines. The bass is fast, has good impact and does not bleed at all. The detail in the bass is also exceptional for the price. You can easily make out the details in each drum hit and each string plucked in a bass guitar. It performs exceptionally in pop songs and everything sounds very energetic. While the bass may not satisfy bassheads or people who like beats, it is certainly enough for me and I do feel like the bass is the best part of the MH-1C. 


The midrange is just a tad bit recessed, but it is still very enjoyable and I don't feel like the mids are distant by any means. Instruments sound very good, but sometimes, I just feel like there is a tiny bit of a veil and same goes for the vocals. However, on the bright side, the midrange detail is very good and separation is decent, but if you consider the price, it is actually very impressive. For example, on the track Some Nights, I can tell roughly where each singer is, but it isn't as clear as say a Brainwavz B2 for example, but that is understandable since the B2 is much more expensive. 


This is the part where I find that the Sony MH-1Cs are not as good as I would have liked them to be. The treble is a little rolled off for me. Sometimes, I find it a bit veiled and unnatural with instruments such as cymbals. On these, cymbals are hardly anything more than a click and you do not actually hear them vibrating as you would on something like the Brainwavz B2s. The quantity leans more towards the Monster Turbines and the good thing is that there is still good detail and sometimes there is some sparkle as well as it not being fatiguing. The treble I feel, stops the MH-1C becoming an IEM that can challenge $100+ IEMs. 


Soundstage was very impressive for such a budget IEM. It was around the size of the B2s and was quite deep. Very good indeed. 



The Sony MH-1Cs are perhaps the best IEM under $50, but there is starting to be more competition such as the Monoprices priced at $7, Vsnic VC02 which is more neutral and costs around the same. I would recommend it if you prefer a warm signature and have not that much to spend. 

Reduced to 4 star because the price has gone up and IMO the Hisound E212 is better. 


Pros: Build Quality, Detail, J-Cord

Cons: A bit too bass heavy, right side of cable is too long

good value, and J-Cord is amazing, not sure why you guys are complaining about it


Pros: build quality, distortion free sound, no sibilance, decent soundstage

Cons: a bit too bass heavy, mids/vocals sound veiled, J-cord is a PITA

So these are the FOTM, but for good reason. For 30 bucks, you get a fatigue free, dynamic sounding IEM. The soundstage is decent for this price bracket, instrument separation is good, sub bass extension is quite insane and they are built extremely well. 


Should everyone ditch their $100+ IEMs for these? No, they aren't better than the other IEMs I have heard that cost $100+ because they lack the precision in instrument separation and instrument placement. The mid-range is also quite dark and not that well extended compared to higher priced IEMs. Contrary to another review, these do not sound better than the Yamaha EPH-100, and that margin isn't that close either.


BUT, there might not be a better $30 IEM out there in overall sound quality and fun. If you want analytical for cheap, you should steer clear from these and go with the VERY good RE0 for $50 instead. If you want a heavier bass presence, and more laid back mids/highs, this is a great choice.


Pros: Extended treble, micro details, value

Cons: Cable, Isolation, microphonics

Sounds way better than Sony Ex-300 (mids and treble), Soundmagic Mp21 (soundstage, details, overall)


Pros: Price, Price, Price, Soundstage, SQ, Bass

Cons: Flat cable, Bass


I really can't believe I am taking my time off a super busy weekend to type up a review of the FOTM Sony MH1C (while I wait for my RE-272s biggrin.gif).


For firsts, I am not an ace reviewer, and I regret reading my previous reviews. I think I just belong to the race of head-fiers who just enjoy listening music and accept the fact that they are not the best with words.






Either way to make a long review short, I've bought these around a month back and used them more than once a day, so its definitely plausible and probable that they have gone a good amount of burn in and the total signature has reached its ultimate state of polish and vigor. As for 'brain-adjustments' and burn-ins, I think its least important and too consuming a time to discuss it further.


Let me, secondly, address the worst part of these IEMs as a whole - the Cable! 

Flat, annoying, J-corded, Hhhhheavy - even pulls the earphones out of your ears quite too often. This might be a deal-killer for many and you can see quite too many people calling this the worst cable ever made. 

Also can be found is a real good method to get rid of any and all cable issues in the Clieos' discovery thread right up here in Head-fi. I just use the shirt clip and 'clip' it to my collar once I have the J-cord up and around my neck. This might slightly let the cable difficulties to self-destruct but do not allow for a full solution, just my side of the coin really.


Now for the sound. Some of the best sound to be had at the price and a few notches up! Seriously..

Very non-fatiguing consumer friendly sound with good amounts of resolution as well(although the bass can be sometimes too much - Yes! I come from balanced armatures).


The overall sound is very warmish with a slight tinge of treble at the very top. Mids compliment the bass very well and vice-versa, they show good thickness and are not particularly forward, but I can't call them recessed either, although at times I feel that in the bass-mids competition, the bass wins by a slight margin. 

The treble is recessed which tends to the overall warmish signature, but the moment I try and conclude its recessed, the high-highs just sound clear! yup! I feel that some of the high-highs or where the treble shows 'air' sounds boosted. 

So the treble doesn't show good body really but 'air' in the highs are easily identifiable to call the overall soundscape 'clustered'. 

Now for dominant part, THE BASS! the mid-bass is literally some of the best I've heard in quantity, shatters the likes of my SE-535 by a good margin, and quality wise I wouldn't really differentiate. The bass extends really low and show good body but I often feel that they are a bit too sub-bass happy(I use the bass-reducer EQ on my I-Pod)

Now comes the magic, once amped, the bass gets tighter, and the overall sound gets really good. There is a good increase in the width of the soundstage and imaging gets better as well. The sound is also very detailed to be honest but don't compete much with the likes of SE-535 and Brainwavz B2( yes! I know both of them are armatures) ; then again I would call their resolution to be stellar given the price of these. Once amped I would consider them competition to my SE-535(unamped) and seriously given their price difference, you do understand how astounding a value they purport!

Like I said, they are very detailed, but the overall warmish sound negates the possibility of micro-detailing IMHO! Beside whatever detail they come up with also carries a sense of warmth to it.. this is not really a problem, just a matter of preference.



Comparisons & Conclusions!


I ll compare these to the Brainwavz B2 clones(called the GH-ERC-DMS) which I'll be addressing simply as DMS and the Shure SE-535 so you can clarify why they are really the king of value.


Bass wise, the MH1c offer superior bass punch and very good sub-bass in quantity, though I prefer the quality of the sub-bass on the SE-535 ; but still not by much as the price-difference would imply. The DMS has good bass but don't really come up in the bass-comparison with the other 2.

The mids are great show overall thickness and required emotion on the MH1C, but they are neither as forward, emotive or transparent like the mids of the SE-535 and the sweet-sounding DMS. Yet, what they take away is the sibilance issues of the other two, and show better justice to low bitrate recordings.

The treble is best on the DMS, they show superlative sparkle and body without any excessive points! The SE-535 with a 6N OFHC SPC after-market cable show good treble body, but still sound rolled off next to the DMS. For the MH1c, they provide very good extension as much the SE-535 with the after-market cable at the same time give a a little extra-like feeling of extension with that weird boost in the 'air' that puts a smile on my face to how really full-sounding these IEMs are, besides its stupendous value! 


The above comparison doesn't really do the MH1c any justice but for day to day use I can't really recommend any better IEM! The DMS has a fragile cable and is too analytical and bright sounding to wear out on the sunny days( I like to blend with the weather ) & the Shure SE-535 is $400 to take the same risk! Other than this if you want a well behaved sound at (1/n)th of the price without much sacrifice to detail and that provides real good competition to high-tier in ears, look no further this is your cup of tea! 


Thank you Sony! Thank you Clieos! 


Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it! 


Cheers to all! 




PRO: Great imaging, instrument separation, mids and bass clarity and quantity. Can easily beat most of the $100 and under IEMs I've heard. Immense detail for a "bass-adequate" IEM.


CON: Treble rolls off a little, but not in a poor way. Flat J-cable. Sound stage is not small, but smaller than an IEM it sonically competes with, the Sony EX600. A little distortion at moderately-high volumes.


Beats the Yamaha EPH-100 a bit. Wrecks the Vsonic GR06.


Props to ClieOS.



Sony MH1C Black Livesound Hi-Fi Stereo In-Ear Headphones

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