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Sony MH1 Livesound Hi-Fi Stereo In-Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


The Queen of Warmth / The King of Value


Pros: Price, Price, Price, Soundstage, SQ, Bass

Cons: Flat cable, Bass

  I really can't believe I am taking my time off a super busy weekend to type up a review of the FOTM Sony MH1C (while I wait for my RE-272s ).   For firsts, I am not an ace reviewer, and I regret reading my previous reviews. I think I just belong to the race of head-fiers who just enjoy listening music and accept the fact that they are not the best with words.         Either way to make a long review short, I've bought these around a month back and used them more than once a day, so its definitely plausible and probable that they have gone a good amount of burn in and the total signature has reached its ultimate state of polish and...
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Negative Reviews

Ed Grip

Coulda been a contender


Pros: Sound good

Cons: J-cord noodle flap tentacles of doom.

Bought these based on reviews, as I like buying new cheap earphones because I invariably lose them sooner or later.    I've signed up just to state that - to me - the cord is a dealbreaker. The earphones sound fine, but I just can't imagine a scenario where I might be stationary enough to use them. There doesn't seem to be a way of wearing them - either behind or in front of your neck - which isn't impossible. Whichever way you turn the earphone before you insert it, the huge noodle-spring cable is immediately trying to twist it back out of your ear. (It doesn't help that the in-line controls are so close to the earpiece)   If I'm walking, it usually achieves this in...
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More Reviews


Old gold, but don't pay more than $20 for this


Pros: Good bass, clear sound, sturdy flat tangle-free cable, handly controls, microphones are better than that of stock IEMs

Cons: these days you can find better SQ at much cheaper cost, requires powerful amp

I wanted to rate it 2 stars, but would have been flamed if I did that. There is also the fact that I got it cheap, and you can too. I have no real complaint against this headset other than its price. When it was introduced, it was value for money. Nowadays there are stock smartphone IEMs that offer nearly as good or slightly better sound quality, well maybe not the bass, but bass is not everything.   So if you already have an MH1, stick to it and do not purchase any new low end headphone hoping for an improvement. But, if you are planning to buy an MH1, please don't. Instead get a Sony MH750.   The MH1 is for bassheads in general. It requires much more power than the likes...
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Pros: SoundQuality, Superb detail, Instrumental Separation, Above average Soundstage, Tight, hardhitting bass, Imaging.

Cons: JCord.

NOTE: I have not fully burn in my Sony MH1C however at first hearing, IT JUST BLEW ME AWAY which gave me the excitement to write in this review on the day i recieve the iem itself.   Just bought the GR06 few weeks back and planning to sell it away once i heard the Sony MH1C. It just sound inferior to the Sony.    The provided eartips offered me great sealing. Some say the Sony MH1C feels heavy on the ear but i don't feel it that heavy at all, thus i did not use the shirt clip they provided. Jcord seems to be the only con here.  It feels like a nuisance to me.   Overall, the sound quality is just !@#$ING AWESOME. I SWEAR. It's almost on par with the...
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Excellent sound quality with lots of detail on a product that could be better designed


Pros: Sound quality, value, mic and controls work with Nokia Lumia

Cons: Flat cable, J-cord design, size and placement of the controls/mic pod

These are really good-sounding IEMs, a little bit on the bass-side but very balanced and detailed, both in micro and macrodynamics. You should expect to be surprised by how such little IEMs with such a little driver (5,8mm) can produce such a big and full-bodied sound, with correct timbre, fine decay and attack and a very controlled mid-bass. Treble is soft but very defined.   The cons are about the design. Like in almost every Sony product, there is something that doesn't make sense. For instance, the cable splitter is badly placed and the way the cables come out of it makes absolutely no sense. If it is intended to use the right driver around the neck, why on earth the cable...
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Cheap sturdy fun


Pros: Fun sound, excellent isolation, durable, good looking

Cons: Awkward cable, not neutral, limited acessories

I've had these Sony MH1C's  for quite a while now - which in itself says something about their durability, and I've grown to like them. 1 First things first though, let's start of by saying that these IEM by no means compare to competitors twice their price; at least not to good offerings in that price range. This might have been true when you could buy them for a lot less, but at their current price I bought them for - 30 euro's - they are very good for their class. If you have more money to spend or want a neutral sound, you can find better options. If you don't, these are solid contenders if you are looking for a sturdy pair of on-the-go headphones that have a "fun" sound Build...
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Great sound for earphones under 100$


Pros: Deep bass, good middle, balanced sound.

Cons: Middle can be a little better ...

Great sound for the money you pay.  It the beginning i used them only on the desk and i hated that right cable is longer than left. But later i started wearing it out in the street, subway, etc. and i find this very useful. 

Very decent for the price


Pros: Decent sound stage, price

Cons: Cord, microphone placement

After a month of use:   After getting used to this IEM I do think they are very decent. After a few hours of listening they now sound much warmer with good bass response, mids and highs are decent. They are very, very warm and have a lot of color to them. They are definitely not neutral but create a pretty fun sound that is enjoyable to my ears. The bass tends to be overextended and can muddy the sound a bit. They occasionally can also sound fairly closed in. In general though, they are pleasant, comfortable, and have a very decent sound stage. I still cannot say that these compare at all to the GR07s, but for less than $40, these are very fun to listen to and the warmness and...
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Great sounding earphone for its price. But comes with a lot of setbacks too.


Pros: Value for money, Bass

Cons: Cable, Treble

Build: Build quality is decent. But the J-cord flat cable is a nightmare. It's so bad that I would consider it as a deal-breaker. First of all, I have no problem with J-cords. But for a J-cord with stiff flat cable? It's possibly the worst combination ever. Not to mention that they've placed the remote just beneath the left earpiece. That means the remote will always stick out right beneath your left ear and produce a lot of cable noises. And it's such a hassle to use the remote because of the placement. I would much prefer if it was placed lower. And the cable splitter is a garbage. It was designed in a way that it the left cable won't stick out if you are NOT wearing the...
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Excellent, especially for the price


Pros: Sound Quality, Price/Performance Ratio, Remote for Android

Cons: J-Cord, Not Compatible with Apple, Slight Veil

First of all, I would like to thank H20Fidelity for lending me his pair of MH-1Cs.  Recently, there has been much hype about the Sonys and finally, I got an opportunity to listen to them. From what I've read, they just come with the IEMs and 1 pair of tips - nothing else. Personally, I don't mind, but I just wished that it had a case for me to put them in when I'm not using them because the cable flops around and does not stay in one spot. Build quality is decent and it doesn't feel flimsy. It may be worth noting that much of the body is made of metal. Now, let's move on to sound:   Sound Quality First of all, I was really impressed by these budget IEMs and feel like they...
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Great sound. Amazing Value


Pros: build quality, distortion free sound, no sibilance, decent soundstage

Cons: a bit too bass heavy, mids/vocals sound veiled, J-cord is a PITA

So these are the FOTM, but for good reason. For 30 bucks, you get a fatigue free, dynamic sounding IEM. The soundstage is decent for this price bracket, instrument separation is good, sub bass extension is quite insane and they are built extremely well.    Should everyone ditch their $100+ IEMs for these? No, they aren't better than the other IEMs I have heard that cost $100+ because they lack the precision in instrument separation and instrument placement. The mid-range is also quite dark and not that well extended compared to higher priced IEMs. Contrary to another review, these do not sound better than the Yamaha EPH-100, and that margin isn't that close either.  ...
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Excellent Sounding IEM


Pros: Extended treble, micro details, value

Cons: Cable, Isolation, microphonics

Sounds way better than Sony Ex-300 (mids and treble), Soundmagic Mp21 (soundstage, details, overall)
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