a 2nd Solo Beats!!

A Review On: Sony MDRXB600 Extra Bass Over the Head 40mm Driver Headphone, Black

Sony MDRXB600 Extra Bass Over the Head 40mm Driver Headphone, Black

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Pros: sound good with after EQing and long burn yet not for that price....

Cons: muffled sound without EQing, punchy bass that isn't tight , over priced.

Got these from my brother who bought Senn-Momentum and he no longer need his first portable headphone so decided to give it a shot.

Gear used: WA7 FireFlies with EH golden pins Tubes as for the DAC and AMP, iFi-iUSB power supply, PC with Winamp+, also M-Stage (opa627)

Comfort: 1/5, they might be on ear, so clampy, no space at all!!! you have spend 2-3 mins trying to adjust them to create some space, and you have to do the same each time you put them on.

Sound: Warm , the sound stage isn't bigger than Senn-Momentum

Bass: the bass was there , punchy and seems to be increased due tuning so it is not like a HQ Bass that you get from Byerdynamic headphones like DT990 or AKG, just seems to be a humped bass, the worst part that this bass will tremble both of the mids and treble and will make you master the EQing for the first time in your life.

Mids: were too laid back due the extra bad tinning of the bass i felt like there was something wrong with the Amp. 

Treble: same case with the mids.

EQing: so i made the bass goes down 2-5 db and kept testing, increased the Treble a little and mids too but 1-2 db less than the Treble.

Bass: now it felt more controlled and not as punchy(you can increase 1 DB to get extra little fun) but at least didn't tremble the mids/treble.

Mids: now i can hear the Vocal and stay happy, it was doing find with the bass and treble, it wasn't laid back at all.

Treble: doesn't extend that much,smooth and rolled off tbh, will like most of the portable headphones, wish it did extend more.

Amping: i only have M-Stage(opa627) and WA7 (EH golden pins Tubes) , on the M-Stage these headphones did perform worse than Senn IE4!!! had to EQ yet the sound still muffled and not clear, on the WA7 the was way better so i assume warm amps will make these muffled even more and not as clear, not sure since i don't have more amps to test, sorry about that.

conclusion: so after comparing these with the IE4 that worth 30-40$ i don't think paying even 60$ for these is wroth it, unless you are a total basshead who don't care about detail/clarity and vocal then give it a shot, didn't feel the same since i had my Solo Beats...

note: gave these 4-6 hours on pink noise still not good for the price.


That's just insulting... not ur review but sony! We cancelled the XB 700 [which was $80 new when I got it] and instead it seems we got THIS piece of junk! 
tell me about it , and its 30$ less than the beats!! and sound even worse!! :<  btw they had FiFa 2014 world cup etc edition for the same model and different color so all get into the hype and buy them!! named XB610 or something, stay away from them! @_@
I have the XB1000 but i'm not sure if these share a familiar sound
it is not about the model bro, for the price not each option share the same qualities, some of them sucks and get sold because of the advertising (beats) and some are aiming to satisfy the audiophiles needs, this is why head-fi is here for you, to tell you which to avoid and what to go for.  

still Sony got so many good headphones and this one quality wise totally got nothing to do with them.