Not great noise canceling, good sound

A Review On: Sony MDRNC8/BLK Noise Canceling Headphone, Black

Sony MDRNC8/BLK Noise Canceling Headphone, Black

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Pros: Cheap, decent sound for cheap

Cons: Noise canceling a joke, hissing when NC on

OK I have not had these only a few days. But my first impressions are cheap, OK sound quality, worthless noise reduction and about what to expect for $40.00 headphones.

I like the sound, its not breathtaking by any stretch but its OK for a laptop or iPod. The construction is nice for travel. The ability to fold them up is nice. But the plastic does not impress me as being something that will last getting tossed around.

The noise reduction is a joke, when I first turned them on I instantly heard a hissing sound. Very faint but pronounced with no content playing. I tried several different types of music and was happy with the sound but as for reducing background noise. I could not tell any difference with the reduction on or off. Actually the design of the headphones reduces noise passively very well. I also felt the headphones were a bit on the quiet side having to raise volumes to max on my laptop. Could be just a miss match with my laptop.

I am not disappointed but not thrilled with these, Maybe noise reduction is better with low frequency noise like on a train or airplane. Sony has a disclaimer on that. Saying higher frequency noise like talking will not be affected as much. If your really into noise reduction my advice is look elsewhere. If you need a step up for portable music player. Then I recommend them.

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I wouldn't really stereotype and say what to expect from $40 headphones. But if it's NC you're talking about, probably so. As for the higher frequency noise reductions, I don't even think that the QC15 does that from what I've seen. Then again, they'd probably assume that you'd be listening to something. Have you tried the v6? Went for $50 dollars. Isolates decently (for me) and has a wonderful sound.