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Sony MDREX10LP/BLK In-Ear Headphones Reviews


sony mdr ex 10lp earbuds


Pros: awesome sound for the money and comfy too

Cons: none so far

got em for 10$ in blue ,store had them on sale so l said sure y not and l m glad :)  they re light and comfortable cheap ( since l destroy my buds alot :(  ) and most of all the sound surprised me ,they sound great !!  if you need  a replacement for your ipod etc get em can not go wrong :)

Really great fidelity for awesome value.


Pros: Good fidelity. Comfortable. Crystal Clear.

Cons: Short and small cord. Very lightweight. Fragile.

I purchased these at staples today as a replacement for some old fashioned skullcandy earbuds (the original rastafarien ones with the 11mm drivers). They were about half the price of the newer skullcandy line that was similair in specs to my old ones.   I wanted to try a different brand because the skullcandy earbuds kept breaking. I had been spoiled on the two pairs I bought which had exellent sound. But these Sony earbuds preform much better. The materials used in making them seem even lighter and more throw-away. But that does not matter when they are so cheep.   I still hope they last and I'm glad I put my faith in Sony for these earbuds, I did not expect such...
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Pros: Bass, mids are excellently represented, isolate well, AFFORDABLE FOR ANYONE

Cons: Highs can be quite shrill and tinny

I bought these IEM's as a means of withdrawal compensation after my XB500's finally burnt out after a long, fruitful life. I was shocked. The audio quality here is almost the exact same as the Xb500's, minus the miniscule soundstage.   The bass is punchy but tight, very welcome when listening to house and dubstep music. But not overwhelming enough to kill the enjoyment of rock or metal. Mids are well pronounced, and the vocals sound excellent. Highs are very shrill, but not enough to kill the headphone.   Their only flaw is comfort, I start to notice pain after only 30~ minutes of use. They do come with larger buds to compensate.   Overall, Great in-ears for...
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Great Budget In-Ear Headphones


Pros: Price, overall sound quality, comfortable

Cons: To much bass, clarity

Sony almost always delivers when it comes to good quality audio products and these headphones are a great example. These headphones fit quit well and have different size plugs depending on what works best for you. The sound quality is good, but a bit on the lower end in my opinion. The clarity is lacking a bit and there is almost to much bass, but over all has a great sound and nice isolation. And for under $20 you really can't go wrong.
flat bob

Best 30 dollars ever spent


Pros: Price to performance ratio, clarity (at this price), quite balanced, cable never tangles or kinks

Cons: Poor isolation with stock buds, bass may be a bit shy if you're fussy

I bought these in my early days of earphone obsession when I was a basshead - coming from a pair of House of Marleys which had lots of bloated bass. Didn't really think much of it then due to its flatter bass but love it now I've reformed from my basshead days.   As I said if you want to be really fussy about the bass quantity you could - but for me the low-end is very pleasant for a pair worth 30 bucks. Bass is well defined and mostly taut.    The mids are great on these - not muddy or unclear. Vocals come through really well   Highs are ok.   If you want to get the most out of these you'll need aftermarket buds. Isolation is almost non-existent from the...
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Cat Face

More neutral and clear than usual throwaway buds


Pros: Price, surprisingly neutral and accurate, not muffled

Cons: Not enough isolation to my liking, you will mistreat them just because they're cheap

I'm absolutely amazed at the price of these, with a fancier/heavier enclosure and more isolation these would feel like formidable audiophile universal IEM. Right now they punch way above their weight, both figuratively and literally. They aren't prone to hissing, and I haven't heard severe frequency response deviations with multiple sources, including straight off an integrated sound card, several smartphones, Sansa Clip Zip etc. Very easy to drive.   I've destroyed several pairs of these by accident just because 9.90€ earbuds are so easy to use carelessly. My only minor complaint is the way how buds tend to slip out of my ear, but that's the fault of my ear, not buds.

Absolute bargain!


Pros: sound, price, comfort, replacement earbuds, looks

Cons: a bit hard and plastic feeling cord causes microphonics

Value Having a thing for throw-away grade earbuds, I saw these pretty sleek things for 9,90€ in a supermarket and thought hey, why the hell not! I wasn't expecting anything, but damn these little things surprised me! Audio Quality The lowest of low frequencies roll off ever so slightly, so one might consider them mid- and high-frequency weighted, but the term "natural" comes to mind more. The buds perform very slightly might weighted so without feeling shrill or "Grado"-like, not emphasizing anything too much. The sound isn't aggressive and doesn't cause ear-fatigue. The sound is clean, doesn't distort at high volumes, and at least I seem to pick plenty of detail from records with these...
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