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Sony MDR7509 for portable

A Review On: Sony MDR7509HD Professional Headphone

Sony MDR7509HD Professional Headphone

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kid vic
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Pros: Comfortable, Light, Good Isolation, Traveler sturdy, Excellent Sound

Cons: Clearly designed in the 70`s (not that bad actually)

I got them today but I was able to give them a 4 hour listening sesh immediately. I A, B, C, veiwed them againstthe Shure srh440, Pioneer HDJ1500 and Apex HP96. The first thing I noticed was the lightweight but nice grip similar to the SRH440 in feel but not as tight as the Pio`s. The clarity is on par with the SRH`s and clearly ahead of both the Pioneer and Apex offerings. Also the bass that I missed in the Shure`s was present and clear immediately in the sony`s but it didn`t have the depth or slight mud of the pioneer`s and apex headphones (the Pioneer`s sound almost identical to the Apex`s even though the Apex set is half the price). Those where the main reasons I choose the Sony`s.


During my 4 hour set with them I quickly realized that I was wearing sound gold.

I listen to a lot of Bass heavy music that has a lot of upper mid, treble and subtle background noise.

I tested them with:

Burial- You Hurt Me



Clams Casino-I`m God

Kanye West-Addictions


I definitely did they whole ``heard new things`` moment through out all songs. But `You Hurt Me`` stood out the most because of the subtleties I now heard in the backgrounds of the song. 


It`s super comfortable for long sessions because of its light weight, and because its very simply built with a leather headband, metal arms and hard plastic cups it acheives the feeling of being battle ready.

Also, they caused no ear fatigue. 


Though my AKG K172`s might have more clarity it lacks the bass and comfort of the MDR-7509`s. My DT770 pro80`s may have more bass and similar comfort level, their to hot and heavy for portability, plus their a little to power hungry.


An excellent portable can all in all. I would pay $210 for these for sure so $85(used)-$150(new in canada) is a steal.


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