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Sony MDR7509HD Professional Headphone Reviews

kid vic

Sony MDR7509 for portable


Pros: Comfortable, Light, Good Isolation, Traveler sturdy, Excellent Sound

Cons: Clearly designed in the 70`s (not that bad actually)

I got them today but I was able to give them a 4 hour listening sesh immediately. I A, B, C, veiwed them againstthe Shure srh440, Pioneer HDJ1500 and Apex HP96. The first thing I noticed was the lightweight but nice grip similar to the SRH440 in feel but not as tight as the Pio`s. The clarity is on par with the SRH`s and clearly ahead of both the Pioneer and Apex offerings. Also the bass that I missed in the Shure`s was present and clear immediately in the sony`s but it didn`t have the depth or slight mud of the pioneer`s and apex headphones (the Pioneer`s sound almost identical to the Apex`s even though the Apex set is half the price). Those where the main reasons I choose the...
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Sony MDR-7509 / MDR-V900HD


Pros: Amazing sound clarity for the price.

Cons: Nothing big enough to mention.

These are the finest sounding headphones I've ever owned. I've owned Bose, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Kilpsche and more and these new HD drivers DO sound noticeably cleaner then all. I know there are even better sounding headphones on the market but you'd literally have to spend double or even triple to top these. Also though they list for $260 you can totally find them for around $150-$200 if you shop around. Absolutely recommended.   Oh and by the way the MDR-7509 and the MDR-V900HD are the same specs the 900 is just the newer body style.

Short sonystory - 7509 HD


Pros: Sound quality, comfort, space/air

Cons: Lack of bass impact

In short words. Best closed headphones for rock and metal music i have ever heard. Vivid sound with phenomenal midrange.    

My Good Fortune


Pros: Everything

Cons: Not really portable(but I don't care), ear pads

From the various headphones I have owned my favorite till now has been MDR-V6. I have the HD-25-1 II as well and from the perspective of sound they are very good but I am not a fan of on ear headphone. I like them to cover my ears completely and somehow, the HD-25 I II make me a tad uncomfortable on a longer listening session.   I was researching regarding MDR-V6 upgrade and read a few recommendations regarding MDR-7509 HD. I posted a WTB classified but didn't get any responses. Furthermore, in India its impossible to find any good headphones.   I was casually browsing through ebay India website and saw the listing for 7509 HD, the seller supposedly had 10 pieces and...
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