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A Review On: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

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Pros: Light

Cons: Very cheap feeling

Currently, I'm using these headphones right now is I dictate this review. They actually fit quite well and my only real complaint is the non-detachable coiled cord. I never met a coiled cord that didn't get entangled within itself. In terms of its sonic response, I think they're okay. I say this because I simply use these cans for my little home studio, playback of my voice during voice dictation, and that sort of thing.

My ideal headphones would be just a tad more comfortable with a detachable straightforward cable, and built like a tank. The Sony MDR7506 set is not addressing my needs. Currently, this is my third set of headphones in pursuit of my goal. I'm waiting arrival of the DT 1350's yet I already believe I made a mistake. I wasn't paying attention when I ordered them, as I didn't realize just how small they were. Perhaps I got wrapped around the axle on their metal construction which at least fills one of my desires of commercial durability.

Overall, the Sony headphones are above average in relation to their price point and if I had any sense I would just leave well enough alone. As it is I'm too anal and picky so my search continues.


how much did you pay for it??
If you are looking for comfort you might want to consider a large over ear like Sennheiser's 500 and 600 series.