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Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Headphone for the Price


Pros: Fairly Detailed, Plenty of Bass

Cons: Ear cushions

I have used the Sony MDR-7506s as long as I can remember.  I do Front-of-House (FOH) mixing for bands, and these phones have been by my side for many years.     Some people hate the cable, i like it, and I haven't ever seen one fail. These headphones have an enjoyable sound, decent clarity and detail (occasionally can be a little fatiguing), and a solid bass presence.  The bass isn't always the most clear (something I find with many closed over-ear headphones, until you spend more).  The upper-mids seem a little recessed for me, but not to the point of being too laid back.  I also notice that these headphones can get a bit sloppy with busier songs.  ...
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Negative Reviews


Flimsy Construction


Pros: Light

Cons: Very cheap feeling

Currently, I'm using these headphones right now is I dictate this review. They actually fit quite well and my only real complaint is the non-detachable coiled cord. I never met a coiled cord that didn't get entangled within itself. In terms of its sonic response, I think they're okay. I say this because I simply use these cans for my little home studio, playback of my voice during voice dictation, and that sort of thing. My ideal headphones would be just a tad more comfortable with a detachable straightforward cable, and built like a tank. The Sony MDR7506 set is not addressing my needs. Currently, this is my third set of headphones in pursuit of my goal. I'm waiting arrival of the DT...
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More Reviews


Go for the ATH M50


Pros: Good quality sound for the price, rugged, very power efficient

Cons: Cable sucks. Better options for the same price

These were the first nice headphones I've ever listened to. Before this, I only used the apple stock earbuds so I was immediately blown away by the improvement. These headphones provide enough clarity to hear each guitar string being plucked if you listen closely, and every sound is clear. However, after a while I fell out of love with these as the sound is much too analytic for my taste. Everything sounds clear but the headphones are just boring to listen to. In comparison, I tried the ATH M50s which packed much punchier bass and catchy mids for the same price. I guess the Sonys are better if you're using them to mix or prefer analytic sound, but most people will want to get the M50s....
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Clean sounding studio cans


Pros: Sound, value, replaceable earpads

Cons: Non-detachable cable, cheap stock earpads, exposed wires, small soundstage

Introduction: These headphones were purchased from Guitar Center's online website for $99.99, basically $100, and whenever i confirmed the order, i was immediately overcome with joy. The reason for that was because of the fact that the Sony MDR-7506 headphones have been a recording industry standard, and i really wanted to see if they sounded any good.   Build Quality and Comfort: These headphones are mainly comprised of plastic with a little bit of metal built into them. The headband has metal built into it and it has fake leather wrapped around it. They have these wishbone type things connecting the earcups to the rest of the headphone, and overall, they feel like a really sturdy...
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These Do No (completely) Wrong!


Pros: Good technical ability, somewhat flat response, long cable, good build, highly customizeable, etc.

Cons: Upper mids are too emphasized, hints of sibilance, bass roll off, need eq, EDIT: unnatural sound, better options at the price point

Disclaimers: I'm a consumer, a headphone enthusiast, so I'm not using these for professional use. ... that's it   They come in a nice box, really giving them a professional feel.  The bag I think is nice, since it feels durable, but it is made of synthetic  leather so deon't expect something heavy duty.  In the box, Sony gives you the headphones, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm screw on adapter, a bag, and a year warranty.  When you actually take them out of the box, you'll soon realize that that 1 year warranty is useless.   In a word, the build is simply great.  I wish I could tell you more but there isn't much to tell to be honest.  Build shouldn't...
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Nice bass improvement when modified, great Budget-Fi cans


Pros: Easy to apply earpad mod that improves bass response

Cons: Not the greatest detail, sounds like a closed back can.

I have always taken issue with the name: these aren't large diaphragm cans. I consider 40mm diameter drivers to be average. 50mm would be large. 30mm would be small. But that's just my opinion.   This was my 3rd set of cans after re-entering the hobby last spring. They followed my ATH M40fs, and my Beyerdynamic DT 770/250 ohm cans. They initially sounded kind of clinical, but have greatly improved over time. Yes, for the record, I do believe in mechanical break-in of headphones (I refuse to call it "burn-in", because it isn't).   I realized almost immediately that I didn't like the feel of the stock ear pads. Having owned a set of Beyer cans, I had already fallen in love...
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Good value for money


Pros: Durable, well defined, crisp, precise, isolating

Cons: brittle, bass shy

I've owned these headphones since 2002, yep, they have lasted me 10 years. Used all this time in my home studio I thought they were rather expensive at the time. I see they are now under $100 what a bargain. Most of the black vinyl that covers the outside of the ear pieces have completely disintegrated but the foam is still fine I've had no problems with the cord, plugs or head bracket. Its amazed me how durable these have been. They are great for their intended use as isolating recording headphones and as long as volume is kept at a reasonable level won't bleed too much into microphones. Over the years DACS have come and gone, I currently have an Apogee Duet and run that via a firewire...
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Sony MDR7506 - A great entry level studio sound experience


Pros: Flat response, Precise sound, Comfortable, Price

Cons: The soundstage is'nt big enough

I got these in Guangzhou for the absolutely low price of $55. They're quite small in size compared to some other headphones I've seen. I have been using them for several months now, & I'm very satisfied with their comfort, especially during long listening sessions. Pairing them with a headphone amp does improve output quality marginally. I use mine with the Fiio E17 portable amp that has more than enough power to drive these. The music is accurately detailed but not very lively. Movies with heavy soundtracks (eg Lord of the Rings) sound great on these. I'd recommend these phones for music with heavy beats(eg, rock, house, hip-hop & trance). Jazz& classical are also a...
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My favorite goto work headphones


Pros: SUPER COMFORTABLE (w/ Beyer Pads), Extremely Durable, Recording industry standard

Cons: The stock pads suck

Some of my favorite cans.  I love them for work, and wear them 8+ hours a day when we are recording sound on set.  Stock pads kinda suck, but if you put the Beyerdynamic pads on them, you will never want to take them off.



Pros: high freq, clarity

Cons: pads rot away (over time)

I really like these... but I like good clear high frequencies.   Lots of detail in the music.   The pads rot off over time (faux leather) but you can replace them with pads meant for an alternate brand (mine are now velvet).   I would not be without them.   They have stood the test of time.

The Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones


Pros: Great sound reproduction, Good bass, Portable

Cons: Very small sound stage, The coiled cord is VERY long, you will require a good audio source to get the most out of these

I have been a Sony customer for a very long time, however I was never aware of their headphones. When I was looking online for a pair of headphones that offered great sound reproduction, these came up. After reading the reviews and the history that these headphones had, I decided to purchase them.   To be honest, my first impression was not as great as I have predicted. The audio felt flat and a little dull. The music had no "color" to it. I suspected it to be my sound card, which was a Realtek ALC892 chip on my motherboard. I decided to plug it into my Creative Zen and there was a little difference, the audio felt more vivid, yet still it was not as good as I hoped. I decided...
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