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A Review On: Sony MDR1RBT Premium Bluetooth Over The Head Headphone, Black

Sony MDR1RBT Premium Bluetooth Over The Head Headphone, Black

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Pros: Good Passive Insulation + Comfort , Good sound quality amped +un-amped , Very stylish and solid

Cons: Not a metal headband as appears, Bluetooth causes some initial delay on every song played , Mic not sensitive enough for Siri / Android commands

A very good headphone , fills a niche in my collection being quite Bass heavy as opposed to my other day-to-day headphone the Senn HD595.


It is a very comfortable can , with very good quality faux leather for the ear cups , but it can get sweaty at times. 


The sound quality when amped is superb and is only marginally different when used via Bluetooth, so close in-fact that if it weren't for the stuttering when changing tracks on my iPhone 5 I wouldn't notice. 


Bass is very well controlled , maybe a tad over-present but that increases their enjoyment on public transport and in noisy clacky offices like my own , which seems very much to be an intended effect.


Overall very happy with my new cans, .... even if my wallet isn't :)

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what amp do you use wit it????
do you suggest an E17 or E12????