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A Review On: Sony MDR1RBT Premium Bluetooth Over The Head Headphone, Black

Sony MDR1RBT Premium Bluetooth Over The Head Headphone, Black

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Pros: so far everything

Cons: Have had a few drop outs

I am writing this quick review after about 20 minutes of use so I hope I am not jumping the gun, but after trying 5 other head phones (sennheiser momentum and amperior, Vmoda M100, the new PSB and the bowers & wilkins P5) I could not find quite what I was looking for. Each had something I did not like about them. Today these Sony's arrived and I was instantly in love. I thought I was going to settle on the Vmoda's but in my opinion these blow them away. The Vmoda's seemed very muffled to me. Not much in the higher range. These sony's take care of that while keeping all the bass.


I had them paired and up and running in about 2 minutes. There is a slight delay in the sound stream but I am fine with that. They are very confortable and what I love most is that I can now work hands free and take phone calls without having to be tethered to a cord. 


I have noticed some drop outs. I am not sure if that is due to my streaming source or the fact that I might need to charge these. I turned them on right out of the box.


Are you saying that while using bluetooth its better than the momentum?
I cant say its really better. Its been a few months now and I dont remember what the momentums sounded like. These were just the right combination of sound, comfort, and convenience for me. I use them while working and they are paired with my iphone. when a call comes in, I just press a button and take the call. I hate wires.