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Sony MDR-ZX700 Reviews

Positive Reviews


You should think twice , I disagree with most reviews .......(By MrTechAgent)


Pros: Style , Comfort , Bass extension is pretty realistic and smooth , Nice midrange , can be modded and scales up relatively well for what it does

Cons: Grain , clarity , frequency balance , build quality

                                                                                              Hmmm , first review on Head-Fi :D Alright little information about me , I am 16 from India ..... recently got into HiFi , although I once had the ESP-950 which my Dad bought when he visited the states a long , long time ago anyways my journey began in 2012 fall when I was in the process of finding the "one" headphone yes "one" :P Well that was the 650 , before...
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Negative Reviews


Don't Last


Pros: Sounds good for the price, comfortable

Cons: Not durable

I used these for about three months at my desk at work. The left side went out in that short time. They were great while they lasted.

More Reviews


Hi-Fi Drivers but Lo-Fi CUP Design with NoN Dynamic Lifeless Exaggerated by Mids Fatigue For Hearing Impaired!?


Pros: Hi-Fi 50mm drivers that fits in SA3000!

Cons: AM Radio Sound HP CUP Design, Worst hp uncalibrate SQ ever, my cheap archos earbuds sounds way better!

I needed new same constructed drivers for the SA3000, which originals were replaced in a defective SA5000. Drivers transplanted into SA3000 with added 10 Ohm ground resistor to up the impedance to 34 Ohms. Now the SQ is Hi-Fi without using extra headamp, All portable music sounds amazing without fatigue! like the SA1000. I'm happy with SQ. Only a dampening modding the ZX700 will probably fix the wrong unbalanced lifeless brassy SQ! --- Greatest Sony design bug ever and they use same design over over again!? z1000, zx500, 7510 , 7520 etc. They must really loved and proud of this POS ever designed for deaf ppl. The reflecting mids tuned ports ruined the excellent drivers! - Headband is...
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Sony MDR-ZX700 vs Philips Cityscape Uptown vs Sennheiser PX 200 II


Pros: great sound quality (balanced, neutral, detailed; deep, tight & well controlled bass; good comfort; feels solid; nice unobtrusive design

Cons: they do get warm after a while

  REVIEW: Sony MDR-ZX700, Philips Cityscape Uptown, Sennheiser PX 200 II     Recently I've been in search of a pair of portable headphones. My main use scenario is music on-the-go. I do cycle a lot so I really needed something that would be compact, light and sturdy (in case of accidents) and yet not lacking in SQ department. Amps were a no-go since I want my setup small and simple, so I had to settle for something easy to drive. My budget - €100 / $125.    I chose two candidates:  Sony MDR-ZX700 (€79 / $99 ) & Philips Cityscape Uptown (€ 99 / $125).   I'll compare the two to my girlfriends Sennheiser PX 200 II (€56 / $70) here ...
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Great for casual listening


Pros: Decent sound, lightweight, comfortable

Cons: No accessories, can get scratched (but not too often)

Decent pair o' cans. I got em 30$ off, so totally worth it. I wouldn't use these for major listening, as they aren't too detailed, but they still have nice sound. They also don't have a case. Not the best portability

Sweet dream world


Pros: Nice mids, very easy to drive, very good build

Cons: lack of realistic sound

I had it for a week then sent back, i didn't like the slow and unrealistic presentation. Rolled off treble made it sound like a tetris with electronic music. It was an acceptable performance for most of genres, exceptionally good with instrumental music. Very comfortable and it has never been harsh.

Overall good, but better options in this price range


Pros: Light, "fun" sound, nice styling

Cons: Not the most comfortable, all plastic parts

  I used the MDR-ZX701iP which is the same but with iphone controls.                 Build Quality & Design: 4/5 I like to start off with this category because it is one of the first things you notice about the product. You see how it is presented and what it looks like. These have a simple yet elegant design in my opinion. They aren't flashy, but they also aren't unappealing like other full-sized headphones can be. The structure is entirely plastic, but it feels very solid and I'm not worried about it break or developing cracks like other headphones can. However, over time I imagine the plastic...
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Great comfort and isolation. Minimum leakage.

These are great headphones. They isolate external sounds well under the condition that you hear also music but not necessarily high. A 30 to 50% should be enough to isolate almost everything. Without music playing they just reduce external sound but not that much. Sound leakage is minimum. With maximum volume they barely leack any music so they are great for times and places were you don't want other people to be disturbed your music. Comfort is also excellent but they do look big on your head eventhough they are really light.So why not 5 stars? First of all they don't fold at all and they also don't come with a case or pouch. An extension cord is also not supplied.Would I recommend them?...
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Qui audit

A great new entry level close can!


Pros: Very 'true' to the recording, surprising separation and soundstage for a closed can, comfortable, easily driven, portable.

Cons: Require some amping for the bass presence some may like,do heat up after a while.

These just arrived a couple of hours ago so I can't say anything conclusive yet but so far I'm loving them! I've been wearing them for an hour now (with glasses on) and had no problems with fit or comfort, the cans are starting to heat up a tad though, that could be due to me being in quite a hot room. I find myself preferring my HD598s for most tracks so far but it's a close call on many and for the money I don't think I could have found a better buy! Admittedly there is a slight lack of bass but not to the extent that some people have been claiming. The ZX700s still produce a noticeable and 'thump' when necessary. Definitely far more controlled than the XB line, but that's to be...
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Sony MDR-ZX-700 initial impressions


Pros: build, sound, isolation

Cons: comfort, non-removable cord, retail package

I bought this headphone at the sony store in Paris for the msrp of 100euros and been using it for the past 3 days with my iPod shuffle 4g(ALAC), aony nwz-a829(mp3 320kb/s) and FiiO E11. Haven't done any burn-in yet. The package included the headphones and only an extension cable(1.8m). NO case/pouch, NO extra ear pads and NO 3.5mm-6.35mm adaptor. I felt they could've atleast included extra pads(stock pads are removable) for the asking price.   The build quality is really good. They are mostly made of robust plastic. The headband is covered with fake leather and the spines are plastic aswell. The cups are made of the same plastic and the pads are also fake leather but are...
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New phones for the new mp3 player


Pros: very comfortable, incredible isolation, excellent sound quality and sensitivity

Cons: painful with glasses

I recently picked up an X-Series Walkman and wanted to replace my old Sennheiser PX200 'phones that I used to listen to my A-Series Walkman with. A friend lent me his FiiO E11 for a day and I bought one immediately. The difference in the Sennheisers was spectacular but I decided there and then that I would need something a bit better.    After discovering this site and scouring the forums and reviews for a few days, I decided to go out with my player and newly arrived amp, and test some headphones.    As I listen to a vast variety of music, I wasn't sure whether to go with open or closed back cans so I tried the ATH-ES5, the Shure 440, Grado SR-80i, and the...
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