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Throwaway headphones of yesteryear

A Review On: Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones

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Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Almost everything else

Paid $30 CAD at ncix.com.


This is a 6-year old model that has been made obsolete by the MDR-XB series, but it's still produced for the value segment. Or maybe they were overproduced and stock needs to go.


Anyway, these headphones aren't good. There's a distinct hollowness in the sound, and it feels very flimsy, though this flimsiness does make the headphone rather light on the head. The music/movie switch is useless.


Don't get these. If you want Sony, look at the MDR-XB series and spend the extra cash. The MDR-XB500 and MDR-XB700 have received good praise.


i disagree. these were amazing for $30. that is why i still have my pair.
I also disagree i have used the Sennheiser 555, Shure 440, 720dj and find the Sony mdr200 a much better sounding headphone. For music, movies and video games all sound fantastic. These headphone have a wide soundstage with a full rich sound. Highs, mids, are all balance, bass is not bloated sounding very warm. Are light and comfortable can wear for hours. For the money these are great headphones. Comfort, sound, construction 10/10.
@colgatetotal, i guess you've got a defective pair..
I also disagree. I think the sound quality of this pair of headphones is good at its price range although the build quality should be better. I love bass from these headphones.
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