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I Don't know what sony was thinking......NO volume, NO low end, NO Mids, Great Treble. it sounds like your listening to music thats 30 feet away.

A Review On: Sony MDR-XD100 Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-XD100 Stereo Headphones

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Pros: Great Treble, Very Nice Clarity, Very Comfortable. Very Nice Build Quality.

Cons: Very Horrible Low End, Lacks upper midrange. Super Long Cable, (can be a pro or con), Highs can be very sharp at times. would be good if they were $10

I listed all the pros and cons, but i will say this, these ARE NOT worth $20. Do yourself a favor and get the JVC Riptidz, and EQ the treble a little, and you got yourself a foldable Monster,

ready to destroy everything in its path for $20, If you listen to dubstep, techo, trance, drum and bass...... don't buy these, if you maybe just want to try it, get it from a store with a good return policy,

the soundstage of this headphones could have been amazing, if sony worked out the driver better... and people say its just $20 so why complain....... go try those JVCS i mentioned and then talk.

i just want the best bang for buck, Sound isolation is not too bad, Cable is so heavy, it drags the headphones of my head.....lol.

if you just want to add these to your collection, by all means, do. just know THERE ARE A LOT OF HEADPHONES, that will make these go back to the abandoned factory they were made in.

Even After 20-30 hours of burn in, the treble kills my ears, it screeches as i beg for mercy. Please message me if you want more details. GO, Make the Best Of your life, by drowning your sorrows in music, If you are a true music lover, just save up for good headphones. Im going to try the ATH-M50s this week, ($113) at the moment, and if they are good, ill buy it. You will be shocked at the level of good headphones in the 20 dollar range compared to this.  God Bless Everyone, or if your athiest, May the earth bless you with supplies.


Take care Everybody.


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