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These must be taken for what they are... studio monitor headphones.

A Review On: Sony MDR-XD100 Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-XD100 Stereo Headphones

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Pros: Lightweight, full over-ear pads, full & balanced sound, neutral, long cord

Cons: Cumbersome and awkward, long cord is too long, bass can get muddy

I've read a lot of diverging comments about these headphones and I think there is a problem. These are non-powered studio monitor headphones. They are not meant to have perfect sound quality, and especially not without a proper amplifier. Using them with a tube headphone amp the quality increases like crazy. Because they are studio monitor headphones, they are supposed to have very little influence on the signal themselves, and in a studio, you'll probably have at least a half-decent headphone amp. Used with an iPod, you do have to turn up the volume quite a bit to get a balanced and moderately full mix. At high volume levels, and particularly with loud bass, the sound will get very muddy and the bass is definitely not prominent in the mix. Which it shouldn't be in monitor headphones.

I realized these aren't even made or sold anymore, but I thought I would share my opinions based on what these headphones are actually meant for. Oddly enough, some headphones are meant for more than just your listening enjoyment.


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