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A Review On: SONY MDR-XB90EX | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

SONY MDR-XB90EX | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

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Pros: Everything With The Subbass, Very Good Mid bass, Mid and High Clarity

Cons: Somewhat Evident Microphonics, Housing A little Large, A Little DIfficult For Fit To Small Ear Canal Possibly

  • XB90EX Review By - Snyper0012

    Accessories: lots and lots of tips. I got 7 pairs of tips, 3 which include foam insulation for better isolation. They are sony hybrid tips which are pretty popular since they are comfortable and isolate well.


    Build quality: very solid in my hand. Read its made of abs plastic which is shock resistant, but very light material. I think sony did pretty well making them sturdy.


    Isolation: All im saying is these isolate like wearing high end fullsize headphones. They isolate very well compared to my jvcs since the driver of the iem is closed.


    Microphonics: It is evident but quite minimal compared to my jvcs. Can be reduced using the cable clip provided anyways.


    Comfort: Despite being very large, they are actually very comfortable once you get them in your ear. It is a little more difficult to fit into your ear but once it is in, it is very comfortable.

    Sound: Main things with these headphones are their massive 16mm Driver unit, which is able to reproduce some amazing levels of sub bass. The drivers are able to rumble very minimal to no distortion. The bass also does not bleed into other frequencies compared to most other bass orientated iem's. Mid bass is evident but not nearly as the sub bass of the iems. So if you are looking for massive punch, i dont know if you would want these headphones. Mids and highs of these headphones are very smooth and articulate. They are very clear with no distortion. A very pleasant iem to listen to with acoustics and vocals. I do agree others that the highs are a little rolled off.

Value: I got them for 60$, which is nearly half the original price of 120$. So from a 120$ price point, I would have to say these are quite a deal for the sound you get. 60$, well that is just plain insane for the sound. 

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Hello... You should try them with FIIO E11K... With bass gain on, you ll hear a bass comparable to a subwoofer in your ear canal (and indeed you ll end up editing your review !!!). In fact no other IEM i heard or bought could produce such an effect. It gave me a feeling similar to using JVC AH-SZ2000 amped with FIIO E12, except for only the impact zone which of course in case of JVC exist around your ear since the JVCs are full size headphones.