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A Review On: SONY MDR-XB90EX | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

SONY MDR-XB90EX | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

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Pros: Tight, Deep and Impactful bass, Engaging Vocals, Detailed and Clear

Cons: The treble could be slightly more extended but mileage may vary, Bulky

This is my first ever review on Head-Fi and I felt that I just had to write a review about how awesome these earphones are. I will be sharing my views about the sound quality and the comparison with other iems that I have heard.


So for the sound quality...



The bass is deep, Very deep, although you won't be expecting a SUPER strong mid bass punch. I feel the mid bass punch is significant enough but Bassheads looking for that SUPER mid bass punch MIGHT not like it but it depends on your preference. This earphone like mentioned is more for sub bass pleasure. 



The vocals aren't too far away neither too near, it has a good distance to it. The vocals are relatively smooth but has enough energy to engage the user. I like it alot.



Treble is pretty good in my opinion. I like the treble to not be too overly extended making it non fatiguing and that's what this iem does. The presence is there, it's crisp and the clarity is pretty good compared to the iems I have. 




Now comes the comparison of different iems I have tried:

Sennheiser Momentum in ear: The sony xb90ex has better sub bass but the mid bass between the 2 are about the same. If i were to find an exact difference, I would say the xb90ex has a tighter bass while the sennheiser's has a fuller impactful bass. Mids on the xb90ex are definitely better in clarity, positioning distance (due to recessed mids on the senns), and engagement. However lastly, the treble extension on the senns are much better than the xb90ex, the senns have more crisp and detail. OVERALL SOUND: The xb90ex overall sounds much clearer while the senns sounds abit thick as if the sound is going through a layer of wall. This could be because of the upper bass making sound chesty.


Rock Zircon: I dont really know why people dont compare these 2 earphones together as they are both considered basshead earphones. To me, the rock zircon has a stronger mid bass and a stronger sub bass, In fact the rock zircon are so bass heavy you can literally feel/hear the thumping bass of the songs.I am confident to say that the rock zircon is one of the MOST BASS HEAVY EARPHONE EVER. (Like legit not kidding) These are what you call true basshead earphones with good treble extension and stable mids for its price range. I would choose this over maybe audio techs cks solid bass series or senns cx3.0.( BUT please always give a demo of them before buying!)


Here is a link to a rock zircon review i found online:



And now I have come to the end of this review. I hope that my first review has helped anyone in making a better decision of buying earphones but also remember to trust your ears before buying rashly! 


Never seen a review to hype another item.
Never seen it.
The xb90ex beat the tar outta the ones you are hyping. You coulda been more subtle and slid under the radar. You were that>>>>> .      close
The Zircon is...... not great.