Awesome all rounder and MUST HAVE for EDM, Rap and Rock.

A Review On: SONY MDR-XB90EX | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

SONY MDR-XB90EX | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

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Pros: BASS, Soundstage, very good clarity, Comfort.

Cons: Perhaps not as clear or balanced as a BA, perhaps a bit big?

Sony XB90EX Review

This is not gonna be super in depth but just a small review and a comparison to the Sony XBA30.

Ok so first thing I noticed when unboxing, wow they are big! Definitely much bigger than the 30.


Impressive, very impressive actually, as huge as they are they fit in your ear perfectly because of the way sony shaped them, there is a little area that sticks out on the back which sits in your ear and its made of rubber so its very comfortable. Overall I can wear these all day and they stay in perfectly, better than the 30 I must say!

As far as build they are really well built, very sturdy and I cant see these "just breaking", it has a serrated cord which is nice, the jack is not as fancy as the 30 but it does the job and seems solid; these headphones look very cool as well.


Very nice, bigger than the 30 and a really nice 3D sound, really good.


Very clear and well done, perhaps not as pronounced because of the obvious bass as the highlight but its there and its good.


Clear and pretty smooth, not as smooth as the 30 but its not bad at all for a bass headphone, again not as pronounced as the lows for obvious reasons but its good as well.


What you really want to hear about, well they suck, Im totally disappointed....ha gotcha! Well first of all, do you want badass bass? Buy these now.

I could end it there but to be specific, not only is the bass badass but the sub bass its crazy awesome, listening to hip hop has me bobbing my head and with rock i wanna start breaking a guitar in a hotel room, its not like are muddy either they are clear boomy and just in your face awesome! Combined with the soundstage these are THE iems to get for hip hop and rock imo.

Perhaps most surprising is there versatility, yes they are bass monsters but they work well with any genre, perhaps the 30's are a better bet for an all rounder but at a cheaper price these are just as good if not better and they aren't even burned in yet.

Another thing is that if your recordings are high SQ these eat em up, if you have some low SQ tracks these really make you hear how crappy they sound.

If hard rock and or hip hop are your main genres then I implore you to try these, and even if you are an all rounder like me don't let that scare you, these are excellent.


I really like the low-end of the xb90ex, but the midrange has a really weird quality to it. I'm not sure.. the soundstage also has a plasticky quality to it, but it's pretty expansive. I highly recommend you trying foam tips with it, comfort is top notch and the bass becomes a lot better sounding to me.
Good ol' Head-Fi, two reviews in a row... fiirst says "lacks clarity" the next " very good clarity" lol