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Sony MDR-XB800

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #495 in Over-Ear


Pros: strong punchy bass, portable, clear sound

Cons: slightly uncomfortable

The Xb800 is a very punchy bass headphone. Compared to the previews XB line up i think that the 800s are between the xb500s and the xb700s since it's bass is punchy like the 500s but the 500s do have a lil bit more punchier bass, not too noticable but like the 700s the 800s goes lower than the 500s but not as low as the 700s. I found that the mids and the highs were much more clearer than the 500s. One thing that disappointed me was that the padding where the headphones rest on your ears seem to be not enough. I felt a bit of discomfort after 30 minutes but it isn't enough to hurt. Overall i think they were pretty good. 

Sony MDR-XB800

Feel each pulsating thump with the super-powerful MDR-XB800 XB Series over-the-ear headphones. Designed for today's popular music lovers, these Extra Bass headphones combine a unique direct vibe structure for a tight acoustic seal with high sensitivity XB driver units. Additionally, these headphones deliver powerful and dynamic bass response while the compact, dual-folding design and ultra-comfortable earpads ensure that these cans will go where you do.

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