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A Review On: Sony MDR-XB700 50mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

Sony MDR-XB700 50mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

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Pros: Bass Quality, Overall Sound Quality, Comfort, Flat Cables, and Cheap Price Tag for a High-end Audio Category Headset.

Cons: Sound Leakage, Size.


These are the plushest headphones I have ever owned till now and I can say they are really comfortable, one of the most comfortable in the headphone industry till date. It does get a little warm after a while, just a little; this warmth is actually rather common in all circum-aural headphones. The weight of these headphones will be difficult to be noticed the moment one puts it on, the ear pads will “sink in” onto your head and provide a nice secure hold. The ear pads and headband pads are made from synthetic leather (which is more durable as compared to that of genuine leather)

This is a real downside, it’s huge, bringing it out may be a little problematic, they don’t fold, they don’t bend inwards, all you could do is to adjust the headband shorter for easier storage. They have something really interesting, flat cables, they’re really great, untangling cables becomes a thing of the past, even if you were to tie any knots, they would be easily untied. The standard round cables, which after prolonged storage of turning and twisting these cables, lose their straight form and tend to curl, these flat chords however, will not curl. The set-up time is greatly reduced.

Sound Quality- The first thing one will look in a good pair of headset will be the bass response, The bass response of these headsets are really good, it can display very low notes with ease and with no sign of any bass distortion. Low, deep, clear, powerful bass is realised, however not tight, but satisfying for casual listeners . The midrange is well produced with acceptable clarity. The trebles are not ignored in these “extra bass” headphones, in fact, the trebles are crisp, one would not expect unless burned ,the trebles produced are not “piercing” or hurtful to the ears , however may be distorted in some songs which has the splash or crash cymbals being hit repetitively . These pairs of cans are rather enjoyable to hear as they are warm and relaxed and not audiophilic which have accurate tight bass. Not very coherent to be frank , these Headphones can produce the sounds of the instruments , but its not very clear and sometimes small details are inaudible. Emotions of the music are well presented with power and impact .very Lush which produces a rich, warm, ambiance to the sound.  .                                                                         Isolation- These headphones are not supposed to have good noise isolation. And it did not.

Other than the mentioned, ear pad, flat cables and headband pad. The brushed aluminium for the extended part of the headband makes the headset looks and feels rigid, it’s the design that makes the XB700 differ from its counterpart, the XB500 (which used plastic), it is a negative point for the XB700 as most of its weight actually comes not from the cans, but the aluminium headband itself. They have got a plastic headband, which allows it to be flexible (somewhat typical in headphones). A plastic housing, which is painted with a coat of metallic silver paint. An “L-shaped” 3.5mm audio-jack, which reduces stress on the cables and connectors.

Overall                                                                                                                                                                        These Pair of Massive Sponge Cans Displayed Good Audio Performance and Have a Price Tag that’s worth the buy! Sony comes with a fixed 1 year warranty. Comfort and durability have also made this more worth the buck!

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Are these better than
Audio Technica ATH-M50?????