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Sony MDR-XB700 50mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones Reviews


Sony Must Love Bassheads (MDR-XB700 Review)


Pros: fun sound signature, great clear unbloated bass slam, solid form factor

Cons: not a good for all genres can, doesn't fold for storage, seems big as a mobile headphone

OK I just bought myself a pair of MDR XB 700's 3 days ago to see for myself what all the fuss was about.   Positives: Overall so far I'm pleased with my purchase. Although I find these cans generally speaking a fail with metal/rock/grunge they completely own when they're used on the electronica/rap genres. These cans have some very nice deep bass slam and I found the bass to be generally well controlled and acceptably defined for my tastes. The highs have passable detail without being shrill and the mids are generally also good. I'm surprised how good the bass slam on this thing is. You get some very nice low frequency slam without it being bloated, muddy,...
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Sony MDR-XB700 Impression


Pros: Unrivaled bass quality and quantity in price range.

Cons: Heat discomfort and slightly recessed treble.

In this rare moment of freedom, I hastily write my impression of the Sony MDR-XB700 (with a mention of the Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi USB):Looks and Feel If you read my impression of the Shure SRH440, you'll know that I love sleek, black electronics. It's almost like my kryptonite. That being said, the tactfully placed stainless steel finish on the adjustable part of the headband makes it even more attractive. I'm not so thrilled about the leather earpads, but I'll get to that soon. I can definitely wear this in public and not feel ashamed, but a bit admired. The leather earpads aren't that stylish, but they aren't hideous either. I would like to also say that the earpads are almost...
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Clear mids, sparkly highs, BIGGER slam!


Pros: Extremely clean for a bass oriented headphones, almost no leak of low frequencies into mids. Wider soundstage than similar oriented cans.

Cons: Mids are recessed, but let's face it, you don't buy these for critical listening. You need an amp for pushing the bass.

Intro   First of all, I want to start my review by declaring that I'm no audiophile and never cared for such signature in my cans. Critical listening, with everything flat isn't my forte nor what I wanted. I'm all about the bass, to be specifically, unbloated, deep bass. And this set, oh man do they deliver!    I once bought the CAL! as a recommendation from HeadFi buddies, and despite their strong bass response, they are nowhere near basshead territory. The mids where something else, as they were excellent, but nevertheless, it wasn't what my ears craved. Around that time I started checking other choices, and found the Beats brand to underperform. Bass was there but...
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Pros: Bass

Cons: Permanent tinnitus

So yeah I've used these headphones for about 5 years now and I have permanent tinnitus. I would recommend getting them if you can control the urge to blast them for hours on end. They are the most comfortable over the ear headphones you will experience.  

Headshaking bass.


Pros: Massive bass that will give you an awesome ear massage! *Physical Eargasm*

Cons: Lacks in general sound performance, recessed treble & fatigue.

Well... the reason you've been stumbled across these badboys is probably because you are a basshead, and these do delivery, they really do. Now, I wont go over the spectrum since these aren´t a pair of audiophile headphones and they were never meant to be. These cans job is to go down and dirty and deliver massive bass. It does not matter how much EQ bass you throw at these naughty cans, they´ll just keep pumping until you get a headache! They do delivery a pretty punchy bass going flat but the general sound quality isn't that great. The most noticeable is the recessed treble which strangely hurts my ears abit. I might just be sensitive, but that could be something you should keep in...
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Solid, Stylish, Sweet Bass!


Pros: Solid build, nice cable design, looks/feels more expensive than it is.

Cons: Poor on genres that are not Bass heavy. Gets very warm (sweaty). Not closed, moderate noise leakage.

  I also own the Grado SR60i ($90), and Sennheiser HD 25-1 II ($200). I will make some comparisons to these also. I realize many people consider sound quality to be the most important thing about a headphone, but I will take a more balanced look at how practical these are to use on a daily basis.   Design/Comfort   From the moment you take them out of the box, they feel and look more expensive than they are. People are always surprised to hear the price. The stainless steel accents and leather handmade ear pads add to the luxurious feel/look. They are solid, and built to last. The cable is not replaceable, but is very sleek. The flat design makes it easy...
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Sony MDR-XB 700, A Bass Head King


Pros: Fairly easy to drive, inexpensive, comfortable, ability to cross genre

Cons: no detachable cord, not portable, heat

    The Sony MDR-XB700 is a great can, for what it does. It focuses a lot on deep bass. And for an xtra bass headphone its fantastic. I feel it has the ability to cross genre decently. Perhaps not finding a forte outside of rap, dubstep, and electronica but being useful outside of them none the less. They are only 24 ohms of impedance, so they are fairly easy to drive though an amp is recommended. Everything else can be found in the video, enjoy!

Sony MDR XB700


Pros: Powerful Sub-Bass, warm Mid Bass, clearly defined and serprate sound layers, easy to drive

Cons: lack "punch" in mids, trebele lacks good timbre

Box They come in a nice big box, it's clear plastic so nothing to fancy. -Accesories- Includes a nifty "dust proof" bag, not sure how "dust proof" it is but it's nice to have, also has a flat cord, no extra pads. The bag has room enough for the Cans, a few sources, some cables and a small portable amp.   Comfort Yes they have giant detachable pillows attached to the side of them, so they are very comfortable. They are great insulators! In the winter your ears are nice and warm! In the summer the side of your head is dripping with sweat. Material Cheap plastic and pleather is the name of the game, nothing to fancy. They are cased in plastic and screwed onto the head band. The adjustment...
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Value is the name of the game. For 80 bucks, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value.

Great that Head-fi has a template for me to follow. Let's start off with value. I am about 95% sure there is no better value under 100 bucks. Many people cannot justify spending over 100 bucks, so this is probably the headphone to get. Audio Quality. 4/5 - why? Because the mids are recessed. Vocals are a little tame - but this is not a problem with hip hop or pop music, its a problem with rock and alternative because the vocals are quieter on those genres. This headphone is ideal for hip hop, pop, and bass-heavy genres. But there is room for improvement in the sound quality, including clarity, and sound stage. But like I said before, there's nothing else at 80 bucks that can really...
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A nice amount of bass for your daily needs.


Pros: Big headphones + small weight, Excellent bass response, Amp lover, One of the best choices in it's price range.

Cons: Packaging is ugly, No hard case (includes a soft pouch), Doesn't include a 1/8" to 1/4" stereo adapter neither an extension cable.

I bought this headphones to be used at my home desktop setup, and to replace my Bose OE. I researched a lot on these forums and these were one of the best recommendations for the kind of music style I like and the price range.   Comfort. These are surprisingly light-weighted given that they are really big-sized. The pillows are extremely comfortable and they won't pressure your head at all (at least in my case). They do tend to heat up your ears due to it's closed around-ear design but if you wear them on an area with a decent temperature, the heat is minimal. I use them in my AC cooled room at around 70~75 degrees Fahrenheit and after 2 hours, my ear didn't sweat at all. ...
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