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dark and emotional sounding

A Review On: Sony MDR-XB600/B Black | EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

Sony MDR-XB600/B Black | EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

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Pros: powerful bass impact, dark sound, soundstage, good treble, comfort, price

Cons: the earcups, slightly veiled mids

Build quality and looks: These cans look very stylish. I like the silver disk-like design on the top of the earcups, similar to xb90ex. These headphones are quite sturdy, I expect them to be durable. 


Comfort: These are among the most comfortable headphones I ever worn. However, the synthetic leather pads could be uncomfortable for some since they could slip in sweat. These have good seal on ear and isolates well.


Sound: Here comes the important bit. The sound signature is dark and bassy, colored, with a big soundstage. Since these are coloured, they're not best for audiophiles, but great for fun. The sound is very powerful, emotional and impactful. I find these relaxing too. These have a lot of bass, but they're punchy and doesn't make other frequencies veiled, except the midrange. The midrange is slightly veiled, however, this doesn't mean these have poor soundstage and details. The soundstage and details is among the best I've heard even at higher prices. The sound is very big and impactful. The highs are sweet, sometimes overpowering, but this could be fixed with equalization. Amplification could help to remove the colouredness of music.


Summary: These are the one of the best cans for price.


you seriously need to read my review on this model... seems like you are new into "Audiophiling" won't blame you since i even called beats 5/5 one day...till heard a pair of IE80.
well, these are extra bass headphones, you do expect recessed mids. This could dissatisfy audiophiles. i still found them enjoyable to listen to. anyway, where is your review?