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Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones Reviews


Quality & Comfort


Pros: Deep Bass, Comfort, Flat Cable, Style, Sound Quality, Build Quality, Solid Bass, Clear Definition.

Cons: Style, Short Lead, Material

Having used these cans on a daily basis I feel a review is in order.   Sound      The most important aspect, above everything else! I have used these phones for listning to music across all genres and they do not dissapoint. The bass is obviously the main design for these cans and it can take pretty much anything you throw at it without any muddy distortion. From fast, powerful, punchy drum and bass tunes to deep dubstep the low end remains clear and defined loosing no power. The Mid range can tend to be a bit lost though, due to the bass being quite overpowering. After a bit of 'burn in' they seem to come out a bit more which is nice but is a...
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More like Extra 'Bloat' headphones


Pros: Comfort, bass, portability

Cons: The rest of the frequency spectrum, isolation

I've heard the XB500 many times before actually being able to give a good review on it. Each time I put it on, I'm always very disappointed. Back before I was into higher quality audio like I am now, I had always judged a headphone on how clean sounding it was. Mid bass bloat was what I tried to stay away from most. I am SO glad I didn't purchase these before then. I would have been upset with how they sound. When the term 'bass' comes to mind, I think of earth-shaking lows at or under 80Hz. To my ears, these are warm bloat cans that don't have those resonating lows. To be blunt, I can't stand the XB500's signature. At the low end, we have a very very warm presentation. The bass is not...
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Budget Bass Heads, Look No Further. Non-Budget Bass Heads, Stay Far, Far Away. As Far As Possible.


Pros: Bass, Look nice, Value, Comfort.

Cons: Everything Else.

I am not a hater of this headphone, even though I am a pure bass head, but want excellent clarity and detail retrieval. These fail at anything that is not bass. Highs and mids clarity is pretty bad. It just sounds so plasticky and echoey, I cannot explain it. The overpowering bass, maybe too overpowering for my taste, takes over the entire spectrum. The soundstage is pretty dang tiny, which means that these are the WORST CHOICE for gaming. If you want a great headphone, buy the Panasonic HTF 600, which is cheaper than the Sonys by a bit, and demolish them in detail retrieval, clarity and soundstage by a mile, and can satisfy any bass lover. Bass on the Sonys are pretty muddy IMO, but...
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Bass That Will Shake You All Night Long


Pros: Bass, Super Plushy Earpillows, Lightweight.

Cons: No Padding On Headband, Earpillows Get Very Hot Very Quick, Bass Sometimes Overwhelms Everything Else.

So, a few months ago, I set off to find the most eardrum shattering bass I could buy under 100 bucks, and I struck gold. Behold, the Sony MDR-XB500. Simply put, the most punchy bass you can buy in a set of headphones. On to the review.   Value: A perfect 10 out of 10. These headphones can easily compete with those that are 3 or 4 times their price, and still end up winning. If you are on a budget, and you want bass, here is your set of headphones, sir or madame.    Audio Quality: 8 out of 10. Right out of the box, not only will you hear the bass, you will FEEL the bass. And it's not held back either. The bass is like an angry dog , it will bite you given the...
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Sony MDR XB 500 a bit of heaven and hell


Pros: Drivers deliver the extra bass promised, can handle a lot of input

Cons: cheaply constructed, not great for some genres

On christmas 2011 I opened a gift from my mom that not only surprised me, but made me grin with anticipation. The sony mdr XB500, dynamic open backed headphones, where not exactly what I expected. I have to say that as much as I expected a lot of extra bass, I thought it was almost pointless how internally eq'd they were, even if I turned on a bass reducer, or put them through a headphone amp, they wouldn't do what I wanted them to do. All that aside though lets get into a formal review. The XB-500 are made almost 100% of plastic, which would be okay, if it wasn't the same cheap plastic you find on their 10 dollar ear buds. Considering the plastic their made of however, they have held...
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After half an hour...


Pros: Very flexible cable, very comfortable pads

Cons: Y-cable, don't isolate well, pads get sweaty pretty quickly, uncomfortable headband

I've listened to them about half an hour.   They are sold as extra bassy, and so they are, indeed.

Monster bass, this would put Monster Beats to shame


Pros: Punchy bass great for bassheads, top-notch comfort, affordable price, high quality build

Cons: mids and highs are overwhelmed by bass, low volume

The first time I unboxed these cans, the first impression were whoa that is some big cushions as Sony would refer to them as "king-sized" cushions.   Sound Quality: These are true basshead cans, these cans are best among the Sony XB series (XB1000, XB700, XB300) because of their balance. The other XBs produces unnatural bass sounds. While it is better than its other brothers, this is still no match to Audio-Technica PRO700MK2s when it comes to bass quality and volume. The mids and highs feel distant, yet they are very clear.   Build Quality: I've tested the XB300s before bent them all the way 360 degrees and the band won't break. The only weakness I see in these XB...
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If All You Need is Bass...


Pros: Tons of tight bass, responds well to EQ, comfortable pads, easy to drive.

Cons: Iffy build quality, still veiled after EQ, lacks detail.

When I first put on the XB500s, I have to say, I was rather impressed by how they felt. The giant pillow pads gave a unique feeling that was far different than typical pleather pads in this price range. My main issue came when I began to actually listen to them. I did notice that the overall build quality felt a little spotty and I worried that I would break them with a relatively minor mistake. The volume was high coming even out of a portable source, so amps are unnecessary.   In their field of expertise, bass-heavy music, I felt like they did an acceptable job. The bass was incredibly overpowering, but it felt fitting. I had never had a pair of headphones produce that kind...
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Best Bass quality for a headphone.


Pros: Very comfy, Good soundstage, Deep bass, Make u feel the beat, Highs n Mids are good with EQ tweak.

Cons: Needs EQ tweak(not really a con), Might make some ears sweat during prolonged usage.

THE best for bassheads, worth every penny...

Budget Bass Lovers Full-Sized Cans


Pros: Deep well extended bass, rather clear sound, comfort

Cons: Rolled off highs and upper mids

      Pros: Deep well extended bass, rather clear sound, comfort Cons: Rolled off highs and upper mids.   Unfortunately I do not have the packaging or accessories for the XB. I am borrowing these from a friend and the box has been since thrown away.   Design and Build Quality     The first thing you'll notice is how huge the pleather pads are. They look rather silly to be honest, but actually provide a nice seal around the ears and help provide decent isolation. The pads are also very comfortable, though they get warm during extended listening. The headphones themselves are made of plastic, there's...
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