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Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones Reviews

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Sony MDR-XB500, Affordable Pulsing Throbbing Gobs of Bass


Pros: BASS, comfortable, inexpensive

Cons: A little flimsy, recessed highs & mids, short cable

Sony MDR-XB500 Affordable Pulsing Throbbing Gobs of Bass   The XB500 is pretty well known to all at this point, however there's more to this little headphone that the immediate and obvious, which is the extra bass that they market the XB line towards and deliver with authority. They are some of the best basshead cans for the cost. But there's actually a gem out of the line and that's the XB500 because it's actually quite capable of more than just pulsing throbbing gobs of bass. It's an interesting little headphone, so let's get to know it if you're interested in a bassy headphone that can be altered a tad through equalization to be so much more.   I received my XB500...
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Comfy and nice bass on the cheap


Pros: Cheap, good lows, extremely comfortable, sort of isolating, short wire, tiny plug

Cons: Headband and joints feel flimsy, veiled and uninvolving mids could use more definition

It's an unfair comparison, but I'll compare them to AKG K 272 HD, source being FiiO E7 USB DAC for both. (I equalize the AKG by +3dB through 20-80Hz)   Build: The soft, pillow like earpads are a godsend. The leatherette feels comfortable, and doesn't cause sweating. The joints and headband aren't as assuring, and feel prone to breakage. Since they're a gift for my gf I won't break them just to try it out. Oh well, atleast they're very light and you just forget about them in five minutes. The short cord has a cute tiny 1/8" plug that won't get in the way with portable use. Sound: First time playing Ayreon on them, which has plenty of beautiful female and male vocals,...
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Sony MDR-xb500


Pros: Bass, Comfort,durability

Cons: Non-folding,No hard case, non detachable cord

Ok we'll these were my first over ear headphones I fell in love with and there's plenty of reasons for that, I'll talk about the durability, comfort level and mind blowing bass first - Durability These have a plastic design so you might be saying durability ¿? Their plastic but! I have hauled these around as my daily drivers for almost two years now keeping them in my pack pack taking them on road trips and long bus rides and they have held up fine. They have taken a beating and lots of drops as I bought them when I was a freshman and am now a senior and I have to say it was the best buy because needless to say I wasn't carefully at all with them in the beginning and I'm sure I've...
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An equalizer removes the headphone's usage for me.still use it for the comfort, soft doesnt squeeze you either


Pros: the sound is good for 80 bucks maximum.soft cushions will never hurt your ears ever.

Cons: headphones in the 60-100 price range sound better even when bassboosts are applied via an equalizer.

After being a basshead for like 4 years it dawned on me i didnt need to buy headphones like this because 2 years ago i discovered equalizers that actually does that.I was curious as to why the flat response fellows wanted flat response headphones, when i found that thing i understood.also the bass extensions comes directly from the cussions, i took those off(not recommended) and they sounded like a slightly watered down grado 80 dollar set.   these headphones are far from the worst option for mixing, but if not EQ'd they will be tricky to mix on :/   three years ago i would look at this review and say wtf, but i get it now.dudes you better off with dt660s.

Be careful what you wish for


Pros: A lot of bass, lightweight, very comfortable, cheap, easy to power.

Cons: Very recessed mids and highs relative to the bass, muddy sound, low overall sound quality with very little detail, short cable.

I bought these headphones just for the fun of it, to see how they sound with all that apparently amazing bass.   Well, for $50, they're ok sounding for extra bass headphones.  They do have a lot of bass, but its not a high quality detailed bass, its that one-note boomy mess that makes a boomy muddy messy veil over the rest of the sound frequencies.   Compared to my 6 year old Sennheiser HD212pro, which was a headphone in the same price range back then as the XB500 is today, I'd say the HD212pro is considerably better in about every single way. While it doesn't have quite as much bass, it has about 90% of the bass quantity and higher bass quality, while the rest...
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Quality & Comfort


Pros: Deep Bass, Comfort, Flat Cable, Style, Sound Quality, Build Quality, Solid Bass, Clear Definition.

Cons: Style, Short Lead, Material

Having used these cans on a daily basis I feel a review is in order.   Sound      The most important aspect, above everything else! I have used these phones for listning to music across all genres and they do not dissapoint. The bass is obviously the main design for these cans and it can take pretty much anything you throw at it without any muddy distortion. From fast, powerful, punchy drum and bass tunes to deep dubstep the low end remains clear and defined loosing no power. The Mid range can tend to be a bit lost though, due to the bass being quite overpowering. After a bit of 'burn in' they seem to come out a bit more which is nice but is a...
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More like Extra 'Bloat' headphones


Pros: Comfort, bass, portability

Cons: The rest of the frequency spectrum, isolation

I've heard the XB500 many times before actually being able to give a good review on it. Each time I put it on, I'm always very disappointed. Back before I was into higher quality audio like I am now, I had always judged a headphone on how clean sounding it was. Mid bass bloat was what I tried to stay away from most. I am SO glad I didn't purchase these before then. I would have been upset with how they sound. When the term 'bass' comes to mind, I think of earth-shaking lows at or under 80Hz. To my ears, these are warm bloat cans that don't have those resonating lows. To be blunt, I can't stand the XB500's signature. At the low end, we have a very very warm presentation. The bass is not...
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Budget Bass Heads, Look No Further. Non-Budget Bass Heads, Stay Far, Far Away. As Far As Possible.


Pros: Bass, Look nice, Value, Comfort.

Cons: Everything Else.

I am not a hater of this headphone, even though I am a pure bass head, but want excellent clarity and detail retrieval. These fail at anything that is not bass. Highs and mids clarity is pretty bad. It just sounds so plasticky and echoey, I cannot explain it. The overpowering bass, maybe too overpowering for my taste, takes over the entire spectrum. The soundstage is pretty dang tiny, which means that these are the WORST CHOICE for gaming. If you want a great headphone, buy the Panasonic HTF 600, which is cheaper than the Sonys by a bit, and demolish them in detail retrieval, clarity and soundstage by a mile, and can satisfy any bass lover. Bass on the Sonys are pretty muddy IMO, but...
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Sony MDR XB 500 a bit of heaven and hell


Pros: Drivers deliver the extra bass promised, can handle a lot of input

Cons: cheaply constructed, not great for some genres

On christmas 2011 I opened a gift from my mom that not only surprised me, but made me grin with anticipation. The sony mdr XB500, dynamic open backed headphones, where not exactly what I expected. I have to say that as much as I expected a lot of extra bass, I thought it was almost pointless how internally eq'd they were, even if I turned on a bass reducer, or put them through a headphone amp, they wouldn't do what I wanted them to do. All that aside though lets get into a formal review. The XB-500 are made almost 100% of plastic, which would be okay, if it wasn't the same cheap plastic you find on their 10 dollar ear buds. Considering the plastic their made of however, they have held...
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After half an hour...


Pros: Very flexible cable, very comfortable pads

Cons: Y-cable, don't isolate well, pads get sweaty pretty quickly, uncomfortable headband

I've listened to them about half an hour.   They are sold as extra bassy, and so they are, indeed.
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