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A Review On: Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

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Pros: Deep Bass, Comfort, Flat Cable, Style, Sound Quality, Build Quality, Solid Bass, Clear Definition.

Cons: Style, Short Lead, Material

Having used these cans on a daily basis I feel a review is in order.




   The most important aspect, above everything else! I have used these phones for listning to music across all genres and they do not dissapoint. The bass is obviously the main design for these cans and it can take pretty much anything you throw at it without any muddy distortion. From fast, powerful, punchy drum and bass tunes to deep dubstep the low end remains clear and defined loosing no power. The Mid range can tend to be a bit lost though, due to the bass being quite overpowering. After a bit of 'burn in' they seem to come out a bit more which is nice but is a subtle improvement.

   Other types of music like acoustic, mellow genres, and Pop/ electronic sound great. The clarity is there and the sound remains 'full' and 'round'. You hear sounds that were never there before on cheaper headphones, the way club tracks were ment to be heard. If your after a true Hi-fi sound then these may seem a few steps away from what your after, but for the value and comfort, these easy to drive cans offer a fun way to explore the low end sound.




   I gave the design 3 stars. But that doesnt reflect anything. I only did this to be fair as i know people will either love it or hate it. The Japanese designer was inspired by comfy old leather sofas when putting these together and each ear cushion is hand stiched soft leather.

   My personal opinion is that they are great. The leather really is amazingly soft you have to feel to believe. They fit perfectly around the ear and can stay there for hours with no aggitation. Your ears sometimes can become hot though, but not often.

   I wear these out and about. Call me crazy or whatever but they are not that big. Some style concious people would not wear these out but would happily pay for a fake pair of Dre Beats. (Thats Crazy). But this is why i gave 3 stars.

   The build quality on the other hand is very nice although some metal could be used. They are a luxuary to have and even come with a nice bag to store them in. The flat cables means little to no time wasted on annoying tangles and more time with the music. My only wish is that there could have been some nice aluminum finishing etc.  

   If your after a decent pair of cans for a fair price, or are looking to move slightly up the ladder, then i couldnt be happier in reccomending these. Style, Comfort, Sound & Price should give you more than enough reason to waste away hours with your music collection.


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I don't understand how you like the sound of these.