Monster bass, this would put Monster Beats to shame

A Review On: Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

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Pros: Punchy bass great for bassheads, top-notch comfort, affordable price, high quality build

Cons: mids and highs are overwhelmed by bass, low volume

The first time I unboxed these cans, the first impression were whoa that is some big cushions as Sony would refer to them as "king-sized" cushions.


Sound Quality: These are true basshead cans, these cans are best among the Sony XB series (XB1000, XB700, XB300) because of their balance. The other XBs produces unnatural bass sounds. While it is better than its other brothers, this is still no match to Audio-Technica PRO700MK2s when it comes to bass quality and volume. The mids and highs feel distant, yet they are very clear.


Build Quality: I've tested the XB300s before bent them all the way 360 degrees and the band won't break. The only weakness I see in these XB series cans are the hinges that holds the cups. But, you have to totally abuse them in order for them to break. It is entirely made out of high quality plastics and they are very good.


Design: When you bring these cans out in the open, people will immediately recognize you as an audiophile due to the size of those cushions; however, girls may see you as a geek lol. In my personal preference, I wouldn't use them as portables as they are too big. I will instead go for the XB300s. I also love the flat spaghetti like cables. These cans is better to stay in homes.


Isolation: Unlike the XB300s, the isolation of XB500s are terrible. They don't block outside noise, and they leak massively which is entirely the opposite of the 300s. I find them very good when playing movies, they feel real because of their massive sub-woofer sound.


Comfort: Nothing comes close to this when it comes to comfort; although, they may cause your ears to be warm in the summer since they put a seal around your ears. The cushions hugs to your ears like marshmallows.


Value: the price is a steal, you won't find a headphone with this quality.

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I'm certain they will get the joj done.