Sony MDR-XB500... The Bass-Pumper Headphone !

A Review On: Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

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Pros: Great headphone for those looking for ONLY bass

Cons: Mid / Treble is heavily drowned out, very veil sounding

This is my review for the Sony MDR-XB500 Extra-Bass Headphone.


My initial reaction to this headphone was just 'WOW' and not in a good way. I was amazed at how much bass a headphone can have! I should emphasis at the point that this headphone is not used / was not intended to be used for mixing and mastering, so you first have to understand that this headphone is made for those that love the fun sound signature of having a really bassy headphone and nothing else! However, I found this problematic as the headphone just provided too much bass and there was not much else to be enjoyed.


I made a note in my video review that this is still a headphone and therefore, it must be judged to be such. In other words, you cannot only judge only the bass region, but all the other regions must also be taken into consideration, and this is where the XB500 fell short of being a good headphone. All the other frequencies aside from the bass region was frankly.... not very good.


Therefore, I suggest to recommend a headphone for those that enjoy bass, but also at the same time wanted really good sound quality for the price, get the Logitech Ultimate Ears UE6000 ! What a great headphone that is for bass lovers and it even comes with an extra, which is the noise cancellation circuit! I hope I was not too hard on this review, but I really hope to share my thoughts on how I thoughts about this headphone!


For a more detailed review, please see my video review located here:


What you no like the Fart Cannons ;3 
also here's the worst part... years ago when those where in production the XB 700 could be had for about $80 new and sounded better imo than the UE 6000, now fast forward to today and the XB 700 might run you $200 if you can find one and the UE 6000 is really just a better b ang for the buck! Sony biggest mistake was discountinuing these to make their new even numbered line :/ 
Lol thanks for the funny comment :P

You are absolutely right. I think the XB700 is quite a good headphone, so different compared to the XB500! But as far as current generation of headphones goes, I think the UE6000 is a hard headphone to beat!