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Sony MDR-XB300 30mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews

La Volpe

Great value and surprising high quality.


Pros: Will NEVER break, mould to your ears, very comfy, awesome bass, crisp sound quality.

Cons: Discomfort after 2 to 2 1/2 hours, cable length too short, no headband padding, some may dislike the snug fit.

I got the Sony MDR XB300 headphones for my 13th birthday, and they were great. I was (and still am) at boarding school, and these phones have handled constant dropping, sharing and leaving about over the years with ease. Though I was no audiophile back then, I noticed that after a year the sound quality had significantly increased; the bass was less sloppy and the mids and trebles were very crisp- the only way I can describe this is that when listening to a drum track the hi hats and snares were very clear and the toms and bass drum filled my ears with a smooth bass.   Now, I'm not saying that these are accurate headphones, god knows they're not, but they are just really nice...
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Negative Reviews


Congested Garbage


Pros: comfortable

Cons: boomy uncontrolled bass, veiled, tinny, echoey sound

This is a quick review and there is nothing much to say about this obsolete headphone much. I'm not a huge fan of on-ear designs much, but this thing is very comfortable, has very small clamping force, but ears will start to heat up due to garbage bag earpad covers. build quality is nothing spectacular either, very cheap plastic headbands, non tangible cable is a welcome addition.   Here comes the bad news, these things are build for very amateur bassheads. Despite the thundering  boosted low end, bass is very boomy, very uncontrolled, bleeds in to the midrange. Overall sound signature is darker with rolled off highs and a noticeably recessed midrange. Unpleasant echoey sound...
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More Reviews


Great value, Made for newbie bassheads


Pros: SQ has developed and turned great over time, very comfortable once earcups have settled.

Cons: Takes long to get used to, long burn-in time, slips out of my head

A bit of background of mine:these were  my first decent pair of headphones and I've been turning to an audiophile just recently so that's why I decided to write a review.   Okay, on to the review. So I got these thinking I'd get a big punch of bass quality out of the box, I was wrong. When I plugged these  into my pc they sounded quite bad, bass felt muffled and muddy while mids and highs sounded harsh and fairly cheap. Gave it a listen for a couple hours hoping for burn-in to be evident, it didn't happen, so I  decided to keep them plugged into my iPod for that night. I definitely felt a difference next morning, So I left them doing the burn-in for a week,...
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love story


Pros: powerfull, clear bass. Very confortable fit.

Cons: Poor response with high frequencies.

Both one of those in 2008 for the first time from Argos. Loved them but had to return them. Have both 2 pairs as presents for work colleagues since then, and last year found them with a discounted price of about $50 and had to have them. I like the way they sit on the ears, enabling you for long listening hours. The leather earbuds look very nice but the small openings make it hard for the high frequencies to pass through. However, pressing them against your ears offers a much better sound.   Suitable for TV and movies I guess.

XB300 Out of the Box


Pros: Surprisingly no sound leakage, great for commute, inexpensive, EQ responsive

Cons: Recessed mids, muddy, colored bass

Let's get this over quick. Bought this XB300 today,  freshly out of the box. 0 hours burn-in. Writing this review while listening to them.   Sound Quality: Out of the box, they are terrible. They might improve with a little burn-in. The selling feature of these headphones are its bass and it is so colored that it overwhelms the mids and highs. The bass feels unnatural, it's there but it doesn't have the punch like the XB500 had. However, it responds well to EQs take off the bass or boost the trebles it turns quite okay, but not great.   Comfort: This are on-the-ear-cans compared its brothers the XB500, XB700, and XB1000s which are over-the-ear phones....
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