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Sony mdr xb 1000 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Final Thoughts: Sony MDR-XB1000 vs. MDR-XB700

  After spending a bit of time with the two "extra bass" headphones, here are my final thoughts between the two.  I hope you guys will find it useful.  If you missed the unboxing videos you can watch them here.   MDR-XB1000: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AREfsEf2cbs   MDR-XB700: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP9K2PqK6rg   Comfort & Design: The XB700 has a much better seal on my head than the XB1000.  The seal is so good that it feels like wearing ear plugs.  Both headphones are VERY comfy to wear for hours, but I do wish the headband has more padding.   The XB700 cable is a lot shorter and did not come with a 1/4...
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Negative Reviews


Not the best

This is just a short review for the monstrous XB1000 if anybody wants some opinions on it. I realize I'm a little late to the party, but hopefully this thread can go onto Google caches so future people can make an informed decision.   ***Disclaimer: This is all opinion-based, but I'm pretty sure my opinions are true. Otherwise I would be an insecure jack wagon***   I received the headphones about a month ago and have had enough time to thoroughly gain a (somewhat) accurate opinion on these. Previously, I had owned the MDR-XB700s which are the 1000's not so little cousins, and being quite satisfied with them, I decided I might as well go ahead and step up the game with the...
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More Reviews


More refined bass for the XB Series


Pros: Bass pressure, sound isolation, sound stage

Cons: expensive for the audio quality, gimmicky big cups

I owned the XB 500, 700, and the 1000s. I currently own Denon D7000 and Ultrasone Pro 2900 (so I may compare).. The XB 500 and 700 didn't give me any benefit to my current setup, they sounded muffled, the bass was present but not very clean, they didn't suit my taste. I read a great deal about the 1000s so I took the plunge once they became available in the US. I was really excited to get them cause I thought the ultra huge pad look would be kinda cool and comfortable.. But after wearing them for about an hour I have to say, I'm not crazy about having those massive pads on my head, almost feels claustrophobic, not because they are closed phones, but because they are huge and you really...
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Great Overall


Pros: Bass, Comfort, Soundstage

Cons: needs amp

After several reviews and comparisons, I decided to purchase these bad boys basically cause I love deep bass and loved the looks.   I have them as the exclusive laptop audio output, since the day I received them, my 5.1 speakers burned :D. So I have been using them for all kinds of uses, from youtube videos, 1080p movies and lots of flac audio.   My impressions are not 100% realistic as I think lenovo soundcard must be really crappy. (On 100% laptop volume and 50% external amp bass is horrible, on 60% laptop - 75-80% amp, bass is super clear). I use as an amp a SONY DP-IF5100. I tested them in the beautiful Scarlet 2i2...
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Already a rarity, TOP Headphone.


Pros: Timbre, Frequency range, Isolation, Construction and Comfort.

Cons: Low impedance, Value.

This headphone delivers exacly what master engineers was planning on their tracks, giving you a good punch and balance between all frequencys range for any kind of genre. With a low impedance configuration all SNR can be easy noted from the system used, easy fixed with a good AMP/OP AMP avoiding max level outputs. And like a magik trick all punch's still there giving you a studio or a good tuned night club sound feeling even with this low impedance setup. Perfect for who wants to listen clear LF's, one masterpiece for all users and a rarity nowdays. If you want ultra punchs or just mid range ...., XB 1000 will disappoint you.. If your search goes to a clear punch and clarity,...
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Best Pair I've Owned So Far


Pros: Deep Bass, Comfort,

Cons: Mids could be better, Availability and Price

I had the 500s then I heard about these. The design was particularly to my liking. I read reviews stating that these were most refined in the series. The bass is not as crazy as the 500s and details are presented better. These are perfect for most of the music I listen to regularly (EDM). These headphones are great. 
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