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My First Circum Aural Phones

A Review On: Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

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Pros: Detailed, comfortable, sexy, built like a tank, coil cord

Cons: Ear Sweat

Well, I've had these for 2 months or so, and they've served me well. Compared to my JVC's, these were crystal clear. I won't go into sound-stage and all of that, simply because I can't understand it at the moment. 


These are my impressions after using them for some time, so I can't say much about burn-in. Although at first, they did sound a bit weird when switching over from my JVC's. 


Highs & Mids:

Ever since upgrading from my $10-20 JVC's, I was awe struck when I did some A/B testing. These were a lot clearer. The muffled voices that heard on my JVC's were crystal clear on the V6. Tracks I'd once thought were good were actually bad. It was like bringing color to black and white TV (no, not literally, just using it as a figure since I'm not that old tongue.gif). Vocals (jpop) sounded like they were supposed to. With my JVC's, I'd always thought that the singers had some pretty deep voices. 



I'm not by any means a bass-head. Bass hurts my head if it's too much or something like in rap or current day American pop. Well, they already hurt my head from the bad lyrics, etc, but the bass and synthesized stuff hurts it even more.


The bass on these cans are clear. Or refined if that's what you prefer :p They've pretty much handled all the bass that I've thrown at them. 



Nice stuff. Cups are magnesium or some metal/alloy. The extenders are made of metal too, so I'm pretty pleased with the build. Dropped them 2-3 times within the past 1-2 months, and they're still fine! I've yet to take them on a trip (which should be within the next few months). There's also a neat pouch that comes with it smily_headphones1.gif something I wasn't expecting at all. 


This is also my first phone to have a coil cord, and man, I love it. It's not too long or too short! It's long when you need it, and it retracts when you don't need the extra length. 

1 Comment:

Purchase price is very very nice. To comparision to Australia where a pair of V6 is cost arround 140aud... =))
I also get one pair in 11-12 on amazon which must better price (38dola, not include shipping). And I strongly agree that it really looks cool when go out with it (better than zx700, dt700 and so on...). V6 has a good sub-bass as well (before it comes, my dt770 is the only one shine in that area)
It is a very very nice can....highly recommend and would buy more on boxing day if amazon sale off again.
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