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Great headphones

A Review On: Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

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Pros: Solid construction overall, fold for portability, great sound

Cons: I can tell ear pads won't last

I reviewed the Bravo V3 amp with these headphones here , which in part ended up being a review of these headphones. I recommend reading that review as well. Here I will elaborate on how they sound outside use with the Bravo V3.

Before the V3 arrived in the mail I was using the Fiio E5 to drive the headphones. I found that while they can be driven without them well enough from my laptop, they needed a boost in order to open up the soundstage and give the bass proper impact. This is likely due to them being 63 ohm headphones, meaning they take a little more power to drive well compared to common headphone impedances like 32 ohms. I did not find that I needed the FiiO when using them with my desktop, as it has a fairly high end sound card more than capable of driving them. 

As for the sound, the frequency response is amazing. Previously the two pairs of headphones I used were the Panasonic RP-HTX7 and Sennheiser HD202s. The Sennheisers are the superior of thos two headphones all around, but the Sennheiser is a little lacking in the high end. These headphones have a powerful high end. Some have found it overbearing and report sibilance, but with my set up and to my ears I heard no such thing and it did not sound overbearing, although the Fiio E5 can exaggerate the high end a little much. When using the bass boost with the E5 it can help that, however, anything bass heavy will be very distorted. This is a problem with the E5, not the headphones, which led to me buying the tube amp mentioned at the beginning of the review. In short, when using with the Bravo V3 I found these headphones to have completely wonderful sound quality. 

I have read that these do not have a good sound stage. I have even read that if you try those 3D sound/binaural videos like the virtual barbershop that they won't give you the 3D illusion. This is not true. When being properly driven they have a good sound stage which replicates 3D effects. 

As always, the quality of the headphones in part depends on the sound sources. I went into detail on my set up in my Bravo V3 review, so I suggest examining that in order to get an idea of how these might sound with your set up and musical preferences. However, considering I have used these with a laptop both with and without the FiiO E5, desktop, and from my AT-LP120 w/ART DJ pre ii preamp with the Fiio E5, and finally, a Sansa Fuze Mp3 player with and without the FiiO E5, I believe I have ascertained that these headphones have superior sound quality and are quite versatile, but need a little more "juice" than lower impedance headphones in order to get the best quality. 

These are also very comfortable to me. The only downside is that the ear pads seem kind of thin. However, replacement pads are cheaply and easily available, and Beyerdynamic offers more expensive but nicer pads to upgrade/replace the stock ones. In time I likely will get some of these. 


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