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Great clarity, punchy bass.

A Review On: Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ style Headphones

Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ style Headphones

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Pros: Very clear mid-range and treble, decent soundstage, punchy bass

Cons: The earcups are not padded well and get uncomfortable quickly, headband has no padding

First off I would like to say this is my first review and I apologize if I'm not able to go into audiophilic detail about the headphones.




Lows : The lows on this headphone are excellent. The bass is really responsive and punchy. The base is also extremely tight and does not interfere with the mid-range much on a neutral EQ, but with a bass-heavy EQ the mid-range will be slightly muffled.


Mids : The mids are excellent on this headphone. For a sub-$100 headphone, the amount of clarity astonished me. The mid-range is very clear, and picks up even minute details that other headphones in this range can't ( I'm pointing fingers at sennheiser's 4xx series ). The overall tone of the sound is neutral, albeit it tips towards the cold side near the upper-midrange level.


Highs : This is where the MDR-V55 really shines. The highs are excellent, very clear and clearly separated from the mids. The highs are brought forward and really shine on a neutral EQ. This is something that you would immediately notice with these headphones.


Soundstage : The soundstage is rather narrow. The headphone has good sound positioning but a narrow soundstage, meaning that the sounds are basically limited to coming from left or right rather than all around. I wouldn't consider this a negative, but if you're really picky about the soundstage then these headphones are not for you.


Comfort : This is where the bad part starts. These headphones get really uncomfortable for longer use, thanks to very little padding in the earcups and almost no padding in the headband. They really press against your ears and make them hurt after about an hour of use. This makes it really annoying and is a big downside for me.


Design : These headphones are advertised as 'DJ Style' and are certainly so. The earcups can be swiveled 180 degrees and you can hold one earcup to your ear to listen to music. The headphone comes in two colors : Black and white, and all-White. Both colors look good IMO and it's up to you to choose which one you prefer. The cord is flat and tangle free, which is always a plus. The 3.5mm connector jack is angled which makes it easier to connect to your phone if it's in your pocket. The cable is about 1.4m long, which is sufficient for most cases. Noise isolation is decent and should offer good isolation even for outdoor use.


OVERALL : Overall I like these headphones and would recommend them for someone looking for cheap but good sounding headphones for portable use. The good sound quality and decent isolation should make any outdoor user happy, though I would not recommend these for home use due to the bad padding in the earcups and headband which causes the headphones to become uncomfortable rather quickly.


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