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Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ style Headphones Reviews


Good headphones!


Pros: Lightweight, loud & clear, good bass response (high bass & low bass)

Cons: headband is not padded.

Jazz sounds real good on these. Classic music sounds pretty clear, like when the violin is playing and stuff. Vocals sound pretty good. 80's sound vibrant. dubstep/hardstyle, sounds pretty strong and BASS'ee   ...now that i think of it, rock... hard metal and screamo....without any equalizer adjustments on your media player, the sound wont be that great, but if you can somehow equalize the mids to about +1 and the lows to -1 they should be good. Thats just my opinion.

Sony MDR V55 DJ Headphones


Pros: Amazing Autdio, Great Bass, Great highs, amazing Mids, Great lows, Looks slick, Multiple Color Options, Durable, folding function,

Cons: Not very comfortable, cord is not detachable

Hello,    The Sony MDR V55 are an all around amazing headphone. I bought them at best buy for $99 which is an amazing price for the headphones they really are. The MDR V55 provide an amazing high to low grade of volume and are all around great for every genre of Music. I personally listen to pop and some rock and these have served its purpose really well. Kill me now, but I am a fan of Beats By Dre and really do like Dr. Dre's products. As most users on here, every one is in for the sound. I however am in for the style and sound. When you compare the Beats by Dre solos HD, the MDR V55 blows them away. In style, bass, looks, and sound quality. Now bring the Sony's against...
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Great clarity, punchy bass.


Pros: Very clear mid-range and treble, decent soundstage, punchy bass

Cons: The earcups are not padded well and get uncomfortable quickly, headband has no padding

First off I would like to say this is my first review and I apologize if I'm not able to go into audiophilic detail about the headphones.   SOUND :    Lows : The lows on this headphone are excellent. The bass is really responsive and punchy. The base is also extremely tight and does not interfere with the mid-range much on a neutral EQ, but with a bass-heavy EQ the mid-range will be slightly muffled.   Mids : The mids are excellent on this headphone. For a sub-$100 headphone, the amount of clarity astonished me. The mid-range is very clear, and picks up even minute details that other headphones in this range can't ( I'm pointing fingers at...
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Better Than You Would Expect. Got these For 10 Dollars, Sounds Absolutely Amazing ,VERY LOUD When Connected To A Headphone Amp NX1 ,Or A Good Source .


Pros: Great BASS Response,Pumping And Thumping,Highs Are Great,Mids Are Okay, Portable, Sounds Great Better Than Mdr -XB600 (Rubbish) . Can Get !! LOUD !!

Cons: Creaky Build, Bit Fiddly ,But Thats Portability Design In Mind. Dont Hear Creaks When Listening 50% Vol. Cheap Materials Used For Earpads.

Better Than You Would Expect. Got these For 10 Dollars, Sounds Absolutely Amazing ,VERY LOUD When Connected To A Headphone Amp NX1 Or Better ,Or A Good Source Like A Sansa Mp3 Player Or Whatever Better Youve Got. As I Said BASS IS THERE, HIGHS TOO, MIDS Are ok. Basically They Beat My XB600 And If Were Talking About Beats Then They Definetly Beat The Dre Beats Solos And On Par With The Studios. Basically Theyre Cheap Now,Worth A Try ,Well Pleased,Theyre My Workout Headphones Now,Use Them With Sansa Fuze(Takes Micro Sd,And Rockbox Custom Firmware) With A NX1 Chinese Headphone Amp(Not Bad For 20$, 200hrs Battery Life) Very Loud,Pumps And Thumps,Eardrums Being Tickled. Apart For Creaky...
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Sounds pretty nice but are more semi-open than closed cans


Pros: The bass is really good without being overwhelming, they fold small, they feel solid

Cons: Poor isolation makes them useless in metro for example. Also, please don't use these in a library.

I see two big positives to these cans: 1/ the sound (nice fun V-shaped sound, a bit forward but not "in your face") 2/ they fold pretty small   As the isolation is not really good, these should be used in places where noise is not an issue. And this is for me the problem, I cannot use them in transports. This becomes a plus for people that plan to use them when they walk in the street as hearing what is happening around can save your life, but even then I would appreciate a little bit more isolation.   Also, I am wearing glasses and the comfort was an issue. I had HM5's pads on them which helped (but this changes the sound alot -> less bass) and even the isolation was...
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Vero Golf Champ

Basshead Bargain


Pros: Tight, punchy bass. Clarity. Sensitive. Resist distortion.

Cons: Limited soundstage. Cable doesn't detach.

Have had these for 3 months after losing a pair of Pioneer HDJ 500s. Preferred the look and build quality of the Pioneers, but the Sonys look ok and fold up nicely. The HDJ 500s didn't fold, but had one swivelling earcup and came with two detachable cables. From memory the Pioneers had a similar sound to the Sonys but with a bigger soundstage. Paid around the same for each (NZD $125) but the Pioneers we're supposedly on sale at half price, whereas I negotiated $25 off from the guy at the Sony store by pointing out online prices as low as 100 kiwi pesos. Anyway this review is about the MDR V55s and I like them. My source is Spotify Premium set to "Extreme Quality" via a Samsung Galaxy...
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Clean, punchy bass, excellent mids and decent highs.


Pros: Sound quality, style, portability.

Cons: Plastic construction, tight head band, ear pads.

I bought these the first time I came across them at Best Buy. I paid too much for them, but that's neither here nor there considering I was returning a similar pair of headphones that I disliked.   The packaging was that plastic vacuum pack junk that you have to hack at four times as long as you ever want to just to get inside, and it didn't include any kind of carrying wallet or accessories of any kind. Not that headphones need a menagerie of goodies, but with the overall lack of comfort these provide, a definite bonus would have been for them to be designed with interchangeable ear pads of varying degrees. Much like the different sized ear buds that are included with IEM's. ...
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a kodak moment

Best $30 I've spent in a long time

I love bass but I also like for it not to overpower everything else in a song. I've already tried these with multiple genres. Bass is definitely there in Electronic and Hip-Hop but is a bit diminished in things like classic rock (a good thing). Sony headphones have always sounded good to me, but have always had a questionable build quality. I don't believe that to be the case here. I have the sound quality Sony is known for, what seems like a decent build quality, and they don't even look awful. :)   I'm glad my Pioneer SE-MJ5s were tearing apart and I was forced to find a replacement. Best part is the Sony headphones were on clearance at my Wal-Mart for $30!   The...
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sony v55 better than beats any day


Pros: better than beats cheaper than beats

Cons: no ipod controls lack of head padding

first off sound great and fit ok but needs more band padding and lil more metal in the construction less plastic. makes beats solo sso yesterday by far !!

Amazingly good


Pros: punchy bass, clear vocals and guitars

Cons: pads, comfort

I bought these a few days before 2012 christmas and damn i am still shocked at the amount of bass they have. These are very clear too in the vocals and i really loved hearing guitars in these headphones. The bass doesn't leak into the mids. The only thing i dislike is the comfort but i got used to it..
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