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A Review On: Sony MDR-V300 Monitor Series Headphones with Folding Design

Sony MDR-V300 Monitor Series Headphones with Folding Design

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Pros: Big cables, tough, sound good on less power

Cons: pads go bad quickly,

I use these for listening while in bed or on my amp-weak laptop. I think Sony may have overpriced them, but sometimes I'm amazed at the bass for these little things. I don't think, like the last review that the Porta Pro design and sound can beat these. I stepped on mine and broke the forks, but tape now holds them together (pretty well I must add.) Where the pads were coming apart I sewed them. I still wear them every night when I'm sleeping, which I wouldn't do with the Koss (which look like something I got with my first walkman.) Yeah, spend some money and buy nice equipment; but have a back-up beater like these, and these will serve a purpose in your collection, being comfortable doing whatever you like. Music that is.


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