Highly detailed flat sound in an affordable package

A Review On: Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups

Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups

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Pros: sound quality & detail, design, price

Cons: somewhat flimsy

Sony's MDR-V150s aren't fancy. No gold plugs, no completely isolated 4 wire cable, no expensive materials in build or no special-looking drivers but they're sleeper headphones for that price. Yes, they're not Grados, they're not providing a theater like stereo stage with mindblowing sound coloring. Bear in mind these are affordable monitors. They're built to sound raw, blunt, flat, uncolored but detailed. Combined with a Xonar D2X, a digital amplifier like Sony's CMT-HX3 or an old AKAI AM-2500 with good sources, you'll be blown away with the detail & balance. Yes they'll be uncomfortable for your ears after some time since they're designed to sound raw, not to please (you can add an EQ to the path if you wish).


I'm both a musician (bass guitar & double bass player in a symphony) and a computer engineer. I listen to music addictively since I'm self-concious and I was fortunate to listen from good sets with analog / transistor amplifiers and big, spacious high-end speakers of their era during my lifetime. Also at some point I got my hands on a Lenco high end, dual drive monitor headphones (which are my Dad's). While MDR-150V is not as powerful and punchy when driven as Lencos, Sony's diaphgram travel is more than good to prevent a big punch without distorting with is smaller 30mm drivers. If you want to listen to details of your music without coloring these headphones are an affordable way to do so but, if you are craving for colored, smooth and pleasing sound for relaxing; these headphones may not give the sound you want.


I'm chipping of half of a star for the build only, but this formulation creates the perfect monitor for this price point.


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