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A Review On: Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups

Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups

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Pros: Cheap | Neutral | Value for Money | Thick Cabling | Portability

Cons: Very Closed Sound Stage | Long Cable | Plastic Construction

These were the very first headphones I bought when I was in primary school.
I remember saving up a few weeks to get this pair but unfortunately the cable broke after a few years of use.
Fast forward +15 years, I now have a job and starting to get into the headphone world...........so addictive.

I just received a pair from ebay not long ago. Be sure to look for a reputable reseller as there could be fakes going around.
I can't say whether mine are fake or not. The box, papers and headphones all match up saying that it was all done Thailand.

The details on the headphones also match up well with photos I've seen online. I guess the only way to tell for sure is to open them up (which I won't be doing for now).

When I first plugged these into my Samsung Note 10.1 and listened to a bit of FLAC, I thought the sound quality was quite horrible so I stopped listening for a while.

I would say that the sound stage was very closed and SQ muddled. That's as far as I can describe it due to my limited experience in expressing what it sounds to me.

Next I connected it up to my Schiit Modi / Magni stack and the first few minutes it sounded the same as my Samsung Note.
However after 10 minutes of listening, I started to get use to the sound signature and dare I say....started to like it again.
Call it nostalgia, it brought me back to my childhood when these were my favourite and only cans.


I found that these work quite well with female vocals and acoustic, I like the flat response and neutral sounds it gives.

Though these cans are relatively bass light, I think they do well for what they're worth.
I don't find that these work well with fast paced music or anything that has a lot of things going on.
To me the SQ just falls apart when challenged and becomes muddled and incoherent.

With regards to portability, they're great to throw around in the bag and not feel bad about treating them without care.
But they do confuse with a 2m long cable which is a lot of cable to stuff in your pockets.

For me, I will be using these in the office as they provide some isolation but allows me to hear chatter and phone calls.
They are quite comfortable and light, so they can be worn for a long time in an air conditioned room such that the pleather won't steam up your ears.

Lets face it, for $30 AUD budget there will be some pros and cons.
I wouldn't spend anything more that, and there are better contenders around that price range - like for instance the AKG K420 which I have are my current budget favs.

I would only recommend these to anyone who are looking for a pair of cans that can be thrown away after a beating.
Or anyone that wants to have a nostalgic experience if they once owned these.
Overall I'm happy with this little toy, hopefully I can keep it in good condition :)




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