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Sony MDR-MA900 Over the Head Style Headphones Reviews


Comparing this headphone after listening to a while of higher end ones


Pros: Wide Sounstage, well defined instruments and vocals, neutral sounding, Very Comfortable

Cons: not too good in terms of analytical capability, not so exciting to listen to

I actually just bought this headphone and expect it to perform well.   However, when I compare it to my Beyerdynamic T90, or even my DT990 pro, this headphone actually lacks a bit of the analytical capability.   You feel like the driver can't keep up with sound when you listen to something that has sound going back and forth the left and right earcups.   Another point is that, when it comes to a lot of instruments playing together, they tend to blend together into a mess. These are probably my complaints with the headphone.   Even so, I do have a lot of like to this headphone. The comfort is phenomenal. It is easily the most comfortable headphone I have ever...
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Amazing For the Price!


Pros: Soundstage, comfort, midrange, bass

Cons: Little dark (for my tastes)

Ill make this short and to the point.   The MDR MA900 is a fantastic headphone and even fantasticererer at the price of $200.  The soundstage is just unbelievable, trumping cans that cost more than twice it's price (HD650, HD600, DT880).  The imaging is also great, and the best thing about the soundstage is how focused it is.  Neither the vocals, nor the bass are lost in this soundstage (amazing!).    Let's take a break from the sound.   These are hands down the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn, so if your thinking about the comfort, just stop it because it's just silly.  I read someones impressions somewhere and he described the...
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Great sound, questionable build-quality.


Pros: Open, clear sound. Detailed and refined. Nice tight bass with plenty of texture. Superb soundstaging and imaging. Very comfortable and light.

Cons: Flimsy build-quality. Extremely long and cheap cable.

First off, let's just get the negatives out of the way.  The MDRMA900s feel and look like $20 headphones.  I have no idea what Sony was thinking when they designed these.  They feel and look cheap.  The cable is also extremely long and thin.  It does not exude quality.  However, I suppose there is a bright side to the cheap materials used here - the MA900s are feather-light.  When I say light, I mean they are the lightest full-size headphones I have ever used.  They truly disappear on your head when wearing them.  They are one of the most comfortable headphones I have used and when wearing them I quickly forget how cheap they feel in my...
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Perfect all-rounders for a perfect price


Pros: Detailed and musical, airy mid and treble, terrific soundstage, comfortable.

Cons: Build quality perhaps, it's a Sony though..

  SONY MPR-MA900     Value   At $200-300 they are a steal. They are competing against the much more expensive high-end variants and partly excel at it. Overall, you cannot go wrong with these headphones – 10/10.   Audio quality   I have analyzed these using my laptop, connected to Audioengine D1 DAC/amp, listening to everything from piano concertos and symphonies to hip-hop. The bass goes deep and can be strong when needed without influencing the middle. The middle range is very clear and detailed. The treble is airy, soft and gentle, maybe a bit muffled at times. Soundstage is very convincing thanks to the open design and the...
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great comfort and isolation but expensive for its performance


Pros: Sounds good .....

Cons: Not so good after I listened again

I managed to try this MDR-Ma900 against others in the same shop.    The comfort and ergonomics of this Sony are very good.   Initially, I was pleasantly surprised how nice it sounded.    But after a longer listen I realized there seems to be grains and slight harshness especially the violins and mid upper registers.   I compared the same track and different music to be sure and the same graininess was there.   At this price and time of writing, I think there are better models out there with better highs than this. 

Great sound with excellent soundstage


Pros: Huge soundstage, laid back sound, awesome imaging, detailed without being fatiguing, comfortable, excellent with gaming.

Cons: Thin cable, flimsy build quality, sub bass rolls off, not very good with EDM (or very bass-heavy genres).

Full review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/686083/sony-mdr-ma900-full-review-comparison-with-dt880

Comfortable with a very wide soundstage


Pros: Soundstage, natural slightly warm mids

Cons: Bass is there but not particularly engaging

Without a doubt, the MA900s have the widest soundstage that I have ever personally experienced. To provide some context, I don't think my personal soundstage processing is particularly sensitive at all (actually I would characterize it as bad). In many instances, I can't discern the difference between headphones that many others notice significant differences between.   When I 1st put the MA900s on however, it was an eye opening experience for me - the soundstage was wiiiiiiide - immediately and easily discernable.   Comfort is very good - better than anything I have owned with the exception of Koss PortaPros (very light, low-pressure on-ears).   Highs are bit...
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Gu Sensei

Excellent Price/Performance Value


Pros: superb soundstage, excellent clarity, light, comfortable

Cons: flimsy feeling build quality

I have been using the MA900s since they came out. I like them a lot and think they are an excellent value. I use them at my office where I need cans with minimal isolation in order to hear door knocks. I have cycled through a lot of different headphones for this role and until the MA900s, had settled on the F1s. I really like the F1s but feel the MA900s are a notch superior in terms of sound quality. They just sound cleaner- better focus and clarity. More present bass. The soundstage is excellent but I slightly prefer the F1s for that.   I find the F1s to be more comfortable as well (they would get my vote for most comfortable cans ever). The pads and headband material feel...
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