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Sony MDR-MA900 Over the Head Style Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


An excellent headphone!


Pros: A polite but engaging presentation, easy to drive, comfort, soundstage, great price!

Cons: Build & looks

The MA900 is “less headphone & more music”. The build is sparse, minimalist and does raise some doubts about durability. The magnesium alloy frame is the backbone holding the plastic enclosed lollipop drivers. The cable is nothing special and I never had issues with tangling. This headphone may not rank high on the build category but remember that it well makes up for it in comfort.The clamping force is delicate, but the headphone sits comfortably on the head – the 70mm drivers cover the ear with ample space to breath! You can wear this headphone for hours and not feel the stress of something sitting on the head. I will confidently say that the comfort offered by the MA900 is...
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Pleasantly surprised, a clear upgrade from HD558


Pros: Light, engaging, good clear midrange,non-instrusive highs

Cons: Padding could be softer, low frequency lacking, nothing special in aesthetics

Source and amp: Using the Objective O2 amp and ODAC combo   Build quality and comfort:   Headband pad is a little too firm, may need break in. Initially putting them on, the headband is feeling is evidently there but with time it slowly disappears. Earpads are not the softest nor particularly t thick but the low clamping force and lightness of the headphones make it acceptable.   Build quality is ok but reasonable in keeping the headphone light weight. Only the cup holder part of the headphone is magnesium, the rest is plastic.   Good driver depth for people with dumbo-like ears as they are angled steeper than the HD558 and AD900X.   Sound:   When...
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Negative Reviews


Not what I was hoping for..


Pros: Comfort and weight. Airy sound.

Cons: lack of coherence, no sub bass, harsh upper mids.

Ok, this is a headphone that I've been meaning to try out for a while. So after spending most of the day with them I'm going to give a few quick impressions. (I don't believe in burn-in mechanically with dynamic drivers)   I've listened to all my usual recordings for testing equipment, from ECM Jazz, recent top notch classical recordings, Ambient from the likes of Tim Hecker, BT, Jon Hopkins. and some favorite rock Zepplin, Black Crowes. REM.   This is just my opinion...    First impression was very good, smaller soundstage than what I was expecting but nice and airy. They are soo light! You can forget that you are wearing them.    Going...
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Remarkably average


Pros: Super comfortable, smooth treble

Cons: Veiled midrange, weak bass, limited availability

      70mm drivers, fully open design, premium materials, and simply the best comfort of any headphone at any price. The MA900 has many things going for it. The sound signature is a little laid back, but ever polite. One would think that a 70mm driver could provide a hearty slam. This isn't the case -- sub-bass is almost nonexistent, and midbass is inferior to that of a Grado. Decay is slow on the MA900, so the midbass isn't super-crisp. Treble, on the other hand, is quite smooth on this headphone. It's not a bright headphone, so even the shrillest of instruments, such the piccolo, won't pierce your ears.   The big problem, however, is the midrange. It's...
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More Reviews


Best fps headphones I ever had


Pros: Very nice with instrumental music (violin, guitar), modern jazz, classical, psych/stoner rock. Epic soundstage in fps games (quake live, cs: go)

Cons: Could be better with some other than instrumental progressive metal music. You can hear distortion on high volumes (80<) in windows 7

Wow, i am soundwhoring in fps games now, i feel more aware of suroundings, and enemies steps distance, you can easily say the difference between some slightly cheaper and very cheap headphones!!! Had senn's HD429 + 558 + 598 open backs, and akg 550 closed backs before, oh man, sony are better in soundstage among them all, not sure by what margin, i'm not audiophile, but since i've started checking more expensive headphones like sens 5xx series, akg, i can tell the difference.   They are very light and comfortable, the other most comfortable headhpones i ever had (using right now) motorizer headphones. I love thin cable, makes me want to take them out with my smartphone sometimes,...
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Good Quality Lightweight Headphone With Some Caveats


Pros: Comfort, Build quality, Pleasing warmish neutral sound signature, Easy to drive, Not source or amp finicky(also a con)

Cons: Grainy and veiled sound, Limited scalibility, Lacks refinement, Not the most coherent

Sony MDR-MA900 Review In the past I compared the Sony MDR-MA900 to the then similarly price AKG K612 Pro. I'm doing this review because I have the MA900 in my possession for a certain amount of time and I came to a better understanding exactly why I felt the way I do about the MA900 compared to the K612. I currently use the K712 as my main headphone but it is quite different sounding than the MA900 and I feel the MA900 is better compared to my HD 545 and K612 than the K712. The systems I am reviewing the headphones on is the HRT Music Streamer II+ as the DAC and both the Hifiman EF2A(with stock tubes, RTC tubes, Siemens tubes, GE tubes, and RCA tubes) and the FiiO E12 as well as many...
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Lightest headphones with the biggest sound


Pros: Can go loud with harsh recording with little or no penalty, Grain-free; Very convinciong sense of space for out-of-head imaging

Cons: Some forwardness on lower mids lowers transperancy; Too polite treble

The MDR-MA900's the current the top model in the latest open-back line-up from Sony. While  the latest  generaraion is definitely not the greatest with a distinctly less "hi-tec" vibe then the previous SAx000 models (as perhaps can inferred from the one-digit-less suffix and the of course a much lower MSRP pricing) the MA900s, in particular as a TOTL model,  comes with an altogether different concept- that of the "Full-Open-Air" design, Originally pioneered in the '90's with the MDR-F1 (by one of the principle desingers responsible for the legendary MDR-R10 by what i read in a certain blog, RESPECT).     How this design is differentiated from a standard...
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My Impressions so far: Great all-rounders


Pros: lightweight, iPhone case-friendly jack, easy to drive, neutral, mid bass, soft treble; airy, musical mids; good soundstage, good with synths

Cons: skinny, non-detachable cable; slightly floppy (has lots of magnesium though), sub bass, initial ear pad comfort, sometimes shouty upper mid range

I purchased the MA900s to go along with my AKG K702 65 Anniversaries, as I wanted a headphone which didn't require amping and would be a little more musical with synths (AKGs tend to be too honest and 2D and untextured sounding with electronic and synthesized bass, and prefer instruments more). And so far, my impressions are that these are a great open-back, all-rounders for beginning audiophiles who want a headphone that goes well with almost every genre (save for bottom heavy stuff like dubstep and more mainstream rap) but do not have the amps and other equipment necessary for other open backs such as Beyers, Senns and AKGs to perform at optimum levels.   Much of my electronic...
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Sony MDR-MA900: Comfort Kings


Pros: Supremely comfortable, light weight, natural laid back sound, wide soundstage

Cons: Lacks a little sparkle, bass slam could be tighter, flimsy feeling build

Along with the summary below, I have posted a comparison review of the MA900, Audio Technica AD900X and AD1000X here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/654161/review-comparison-ath-ad900x-vs-ath-ad1000x-vs-mdr-ma900-its-still-over-900   I've also got a youtube review of the MA900. If you like the video check out my channel for more reviews :)     Summary:   BUILD   The build of the MA900 is interesting. The headphone feels very light weight and almost flimsy in the hand. This isn't because it is badly built - on the contrary build quality is quite decent. It is the proportion of the parts, the super light weight and the way the frame is so...
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Comparing this headphone after listening to a while of higher end ones


Pros: Wide Sounstage, well defined instruments and vocals, neutral sounding, Very Comfortable

Cons: not too good in terms of analytical capability, not so exciting to listen to

I actually just bought this headphone and expect it to perform well.   However, when I compare it to my Beyerdynamic T90, or even my DT990 pro, this headphone actually lacks a bit of the analytical capability.   You feel like the driver can't keep up with sound when you listen to something that has sound going back and forth the left and right earcups.   Another point is that, when it comes to a lot of instruments playing together, they tend to blend together into a mess. These are probably my complaints with the headphone.   Even so, I do have a lot of like to this headphone. The comfort is phenomenal. It is easily the most comfortable headphone I have ever...
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Amazing For the Price!


Pros: Soundstage, comfort, midrange, bass

Cons: Little dark (for my tastes)

Ill make this short and to the point.   The MDR MA900 is a fantastic headphone and even fantasticererer at the price of $200.  The soundstage is just unbelievable, trumping cans that cost more than twice it's price (HD650, HD600, DT880).  The imaging is also great, and the best thing about the soundstage is how focused it is.  Neither the vocals, nor the bass are lost in this soundstage (amazing!).    Let's take a break from the sound.   These are hands down the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn, so if your thinking about the comfort, just stop it because it's just silly.  I read someones impressions somewhere and he described the...
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Great sound, questionable build-quality.


Pros: Open, clear sound. Detailed and refined. Nice tight bass with plenty of texture. Superb soundstaging and imaging. Very comfortable and light.

Cons: Flimsy build-quality. Extremely long and cheap cable.

First off, let's just get the negatives out of the way.  The MDRMA900s feel and look like $20 headphones.  I have no idea what Sony was thinking when they designed these.  They feel and look cheap.  The cable is also extremely long and thin.  It does not exude quality.  However, I suppose there is a bright side to the cheap materials used here - the MA900s are feather-light.  When I say light, I mean they are the lightest full-size headphones I have ever used.  They truly disappear on your head when wearing them.  They are one of the most comfortable headphones I have used and when wearing them I quickly forget how cheap they feel in my...
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Perfect all-rounders for a perfect price


Pros: Detailed and musical, airy mid and treble, terrific soundstage, comfortable.

Cons: Build quality perhaps, it's a Sony though..

  SONY MPR-MA900     Value   At $200-300 they are a steal. They are competing against the much more expensive high-end variants and partly excel at it. Overall, you cannot go wrong with these headphones – 10/10.   Audio quality   I have analyzed these using my laptop, connected to Audioengine D1 DAC/amp, listening to everything from piano concertos and symphonies to hip-hop. The bass goes deep and can be strong when needed without influencing the middle. The middle range is very clear and detailed. The treble is airy, soft and gentle, maybe a bit muffled at times. Soundstage is very convincing thanks to the open design and the...
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