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Sony MDR-EX90SL Reviews


Was good while it lived


Pros: Look, sound, comfort

Cons: Durability

It's sadly discontinued now, and i couldn't really find a Sony alternative at this price and value.   It looks good, the housing is made of strong high quality plastic and metal, sounds good and forgiving, and is comfortable with decent isolation.   Mine doesn't work anymore. To make the J-cable, Sony took 3 separate cables, each different in length and soldered them together. It ripped at the soldered section 4 or 5 times over the 6 years i was using it. I was able to solder it every but the last time. The strain reliefs also broke on both earpieces after a couple of years.   I'm going to try to avoid J-cables and go for Y-cabled IEMs.   Rest in...
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forgiving and fashionable


Pros: look great, very well balanced sound, forgiving, smooth

Cons: slightly muddy overall, not much detail, comfort possibly

These are quite a nice sounding headphone for compressed music or bad sources.    They are very smooth, balanced, if slightly grainy in sound at first, but later smooth out.   Compared to high end earphones they sound a little muddy, but if the mp3 is low quality this wont matter.  These don't have much bass or treble extension, official frequency response claims are nothing like what you hear - and a completely misleading form of data.   These are decent don't get me wrong, but nowhere near the top earphones from Westone, Shure etc.     Not really audiophile material, but inoffensive and more than up to the task of portable audio.
the wizard of oz

Ideal for casual listening with DAP's with a remote, or a smartphone with handsfree kit


Pros: Very satisfactory SQ for the price

Cons: Uncomfortable when pressured against ear i.e. when lying down.

My favourite choice for using with my Sony Hi-MD Walkman & remote combos.   Value rating is for my second purchased pair, which I got for about $56 in 2008 ;) .   More detailed review when I find some more time to write here.   2012 Update: Well, lets say they sounded great for the price in the 2006-2008 period. There are certainly better options nowadays. Heck even the old ATH-CK7's have a higher resolution. Those would have been a nice alternative if their bass hadn't been too strong to my taste; the EX90's have a better tonal balance.
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