Good upgrade to stocks, but can be flimsy

A Review On: Sony MDR-EX71 Fontopia Stereo Earphones - Bulk Packaged

Sony MDR-EX71 Fontopia Stereo Earphones - Bulk Packaged

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Pros: Ok sound, far better than stock buds, amazing isolation

Cons: Can get a lil uncomfortable, sibilance can be high, few ways they can and do break easily

Got these for a birthday (so no idea on how much was paid). Had them a good few years, think I got them in 09 but could have easily been much earlier (04?)

Because there a gift I've always resisted replacing them. The Y split actually cracked after a year and very nearly was the end of them, but the cable was intact inside and I used Aroldyte epoxy 2 part glue to perfectly re form the oval y Splitter and ultimatly provide a stronger form to hold it together.


I dont find the audio quality amazing. Originally found the siblance high on vocals and string instraments while the bass is present and not bad it seems far away and cold.


They aren't particularly comfortable over longer periods, wearing them now and only a half hour and my inner ears ache a little. But that could just be me and IEMs. (My only pair)


They do have a habit of collecting ear wax like magnets. But plus side the most prevalent problem they have is the lil audio holes block up, and that just needs clearing with a neelde or drawing pin (Carefully) and they regain their previous audio prowess. 


Id stored mine for a while as I got into Closed and open bigger cans but am enjoying them again now with my new Sansa Clip+ and work very welll with my even newer D-Zero headphone amp.


The extension cable is a very nice touch, if you want super short on your shirt you can. If you want longer and in your bag or pocket you just extend. It can save cable tangle.


On that note they are quite prone to tangling, i tend to store mine rolled round a loo roll when at home. Need something more stylish for portability.


Anyone prone to a lil DIY with maintenance and fixing can love these. Despite their shortcomings I do like these. But am looking into replacing them now with Soundmagic E10s as a major step up into audiophilia. 


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