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Sony MDR-EX600 the sexiest surreal sinful septi-sonic silver success sublime

A Review On: Sony MDR EX600

Sony MDR EX600

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Pros: SONY

Cons: make.believe








The first Sony walkman.jpg






























Sony sexy hot girl.jpg


my favorite part of the review was when the girl smiles back at me.
great to see a female audiophile from melb ^_^.....nice review btw.

I am using a Teclast T51 DAP and have added an extra 75 ohm cable to the impedance of the MDR-EX600 to smooth out the signature - it is truly a kick ass soothing sound I highly recommend the T51 as a DAP and using an extra 75 ohm for anyone looking for killer sound quality in a portable solution around $300 total sounding like $1000.

I think the T51 is one of the few DAP's that have enough juice to make 100+ Ohms truly shine at high volumes.

I am not just talking about technical fidelity I'm talking about highly enjoyable sound.

A++++++++++++++++++++ great seller quick and easy transaction recommend!!
Hmmmm........sounds interesting. I think I'll try that combination.
Ok, this is the cable I'm using -> http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Etymotic-ER4P-ER4S-75-Ohm-Convertor-Cable-3-5mm-Plug-/280725188550
For the Teclast, I used houseofdap.com.

For the EX600, the cheapest I've seen is some seller on amazon.com, ~$125.
hey about the 75ohm cable, does it make any significant change to the volume needed to drive the headphones? I wonder if i can use this to lower the buzzing of my headphone amp on low impedance headphones.... any idea? thanks!
Yeah you need a lot more volume, but the EX600 is pretty easy to drive, so it's not a whole lot more.

If your amp is buzzing at low volumes and not at high volumes, then I think it could work, perhaps you should find a cable with even higher impedance though, like 150 ohm.
lol im using a tube DAC > Darkvoice337 (tube amp) > UM3x reshelled/PhiatonMS300 hums like crazy on these 2 , almost nothing on HD650. I wonder if i can kill off the hum by using that cable.
Any idea whr to get 150ohm cable?? Or i could just stack 2 or 3 of the 75ohm cable.. its not cheap though :(
Thx for the help thus far
That's picture perfect. Not even that EX600 can match that picture perfect face. I hope I didn't go too far with that.....
Premonition - You could try this one, perhaps buy a 50 ohm, 75 ohm and 120 ohm at the same time? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Etymotic-ER4P-ER4S-3-5MM-plug-resistor-adaptor-/270792974191

Niyologist - The model? The EX600 is my new girlfriend, I need a haircut to be seen in public with her.
Wait so Kiteki you are a girl? I thought you were just using an avatar of a hot asian chick.
A Very Hot Asian Chick. ;D
lol, kiteki is a dude not a chick lol
What if I'm a lesbian?
What if I'm a girl that likes girls?
Well I still find it hard to believe a girl could be much into hardstyle/dance music as much as I am, and know quite a bit on audiophile stuff..... :/ But yeah. :D
I like how these comments have nothing to do with the EX600, there's really nothing to discuss! ;)
blame lee730 and Nyologist for the off topic discussion
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