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Sony MDR EX600 Reviews


yeah, it is that good.


Pros: Clear, bright, detachable cable, lots of eartips, tight punch bass, responds extremly well to EQ

Cons: might be too bright, case is useless for carrying it, fit might be awkward, bad or mediocre isolation.

  Cowon J3 + EX600 with comply T500 tips     A listening sesion of your favorite album with the Sony MDR EX600 feels like fe****io from Jessica Alba and eating chocolate icecream at the same time, all this while watching your favorite team winning the related worldcup and receiving an Oscar from Natalie Portman who then gives you a long french kiss while everybody goes crazy in a standing ovation. yeah, it is just that good.     [[SPOILER]]  

The best IEM ever


Pros: lots of tips, neutral sound, decent price, comfort

Cons: worn over ear?

Bass = perfect Mids = perfect Highs = perfect The highs are very slightly rolled off. And I've watched a video review from Inner Fidelity which mentions grain, but I hear none. Also the EX1000 doesn't offer much more than the EX600, I cannot justify the price of that IEM. Lots of tips to choose from, they're intimidating at first, but you will find one you like. I'll admit I didn't like it at first due to it being worn around the ear, but that has it advantages as well. Looking forward to the XBA series.
NA Blur

Great Sounding MDR-EX600, Poorly Designed


Pros: Sound Quality is awesome, cable design

Cons: Fit issues, standard tips are horrible, crack easily

Sony MDR-EX600 Review Recommend: No Price: $199   I borrowed a pair of these from Tyll for review. These are the MDR-EX600 which are commonly faked on ebay.   I must admit that the charts are actually quite impressive. They are very flat from 5Hz up to 1200Hz and have some nice peaks in the treble.   Looks: The case is very nice but a tad large. I would end up placing the earphones in my pocket due to the size of container they come in. The way the earphones wrap around to fit inside the case is a bit ridiculous. It really could not be any more inconvenient. The earphones themselves look and feel nice and the cable is just long enough for portable...
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